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Hewlett - Packard / Laptop / a truly poorly made product with no one responsible to stand behind it

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A long series of problems resulted from my purchase of an HP laptop. First to go was the battery, almost immediately. This is not unique to my computer. I have several friends with HP laptops and they all last between 1 and 3 minutes running off the battery with the cord unplugged, so rather I guess I have a lightweight desktop, since it is no longer portable. Next problem is that you cannot use the computer for about the first 15 minutes it is on. Not sure why, but if you try to open a program, it WILL just freeze. Also very handy if you accidentally bump out the power cord and don't notice. Then you have to wait about 20 minutes for it to reboot and be ready for use. I have also had many small inconsistent problems. Last time I logged on, the start bar was froze so I couldn't access the web pages I had intentionally left open. There was another 20 minute wait to restart. The speakers cut out, which makes it useless for DVD viewing or listening to music. It gets very hot very quick, resulting in a snail's pace computing process. The computer often restarts without permission, resulting in lost work. I don't know if this is the computer's fault or if they just chose the wrong software. The best part of all of this is that HP DOES NOT GIVE A HOOT. I HAVE TRIED CUSTOMER SERVICE ON SEVERAL PROBLEMS AND RECEIVED NO ASSISTANCE. What I did receive was broken english explaining how to fix this problem on a different kind of computer, in case that may help. It didn't. Don't be fooled, my computer other than the battery and some small glitches, appeared functional for the first few months, but if you recently purchased an HP, I would return it before it shows its true colors. A truly poorly made product with no one responsible to stand behind it.


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