Hewlett Packard Dm1 / hp cheats customers

United States

I ordered a brand new hp dm1 laptop from hp online store, they sent me a used one from China. When I recieved it, the computer's name had been filled out, some files were still on the desktop. when I contacted them to get a replacement, what they offered me was to sent it back then wait for another one, which may take me for 4 weeks, When I asked for a pre-built one, they said that I had to pay for the $50 difference. I believe they have been selling the used one as new to the customers, and I was lucky to find out. I left some message to warn people and complain, but apparently they filtered out my message. What a disappointment for HP. I will never buy their procuct again. And I am warning all the customers, wneh you get the "new" computer, you'd better do some test to see if they use old parts to cheat.

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