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Hewit Packard / warranty

1 PA, United States

How does one start a class action suit. I am so fed up with HP. I have checked chat sites and there are hundreds of complaints I see in just a few minutes of searching. I have a warranty I bought for $100. I spilled soda on it within warranty period. They initially told me it was out of warranty. I spent days convincing them it was not. They finally agreed and yet still sent it to a case manager for review. Finally an American. I sent out computer for repair. Got confirmation of receipt and warranty coverage. First confirmation said warranty coverage would have computer back by Dec 13. A few hours ago they sent an update that it would be Dec 27. Both dates are unacceptable as daughter needs it for school. Computer service company saved data is holding it to put it back on computer but projects for school that she worked on will be past due by Dec 27.

I called to see what delay was. First person said she was not authorized to tell me. Second person wanted all the info I submitted before I sent it. Referred me to a supposed case manager. That one asked for same information again and referred me to another case manager. Same thing wanted me to repeat same information. About half way thru conversation I asked is this a case manager because I thought I just spoke to two of them She (still a foreigner) said no she is a Analytical Support Agent. She was asking me when I bought computer, if I bought a warranty (DID I GET COMPUTER BACK YET- UNBELIEVABLE QUESTION SINCE MY FIRST WORDS WERE I WANT TO KNOW WHY MY COMPUTER WILL NOT BE BACK UNTIL DEC 27 AND IT Was Originally DEC 13), she (ANUSHA was her name) asked me more questions on serial number etc. How frustrating that referral after referral asked identical questions and WERE NOT the case manager I was told I was being forwarded to.

Amazingly when I asked her to review the file herself instead of making me go get all this info again, she said she could not refer me to a case manager unless I told her that information. Frustrated I ONCE AGAIN gave it to her. (Involved opening up many many HP e-mail correspondences. When I asked why I had to do it she said apparently it was not previously documented. Then after all that when she went over what I told her she had things wrong, such as how much did I pay HP for the repairs (and this was one of the "smarter" people I conversed with. I told her why are you asking that. You do not pay for warranty repairs. She amazingly asked once again when I bought computer, how long a service policy did I purchase, one two or three years. I said I am not going over this again it has already been discussed. She went into a long conversation about how she had to document my issues BEFORE she could get me to a case manager. Frustrated, I gave it to her. She said OK I'll get a case manager. After a few minutes she said I'm sorry no one is available, I would be contacted within 24 hours. I said that is exactly what was told me when I was verifying warranty coverage and no one got back and I had to recall all info again to someone. Finally I gave up and said ok but I want an e-mail direct from her to tell me she submitted it. She said certainly. I confirmed my e-mail, she read it back to me and I still did not get one as of typing this. Below is the latest repair info.

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Address information

Billing address:

Shipping address:
Same as billing address

Contact HP

For questions regarding this customer service order, please contact hp at the phone number below.

Customer service phone:

Current status

Hewlett-Packard is currently repairing or replacing your product. Your replaced/repaired product is scheduled to arrive at your location on the expected delivery date listed below.

Expected Delivery Date:12/27/2007

The date referenced above is the most current date available to us. This is the same date available through customer service. For questions or concerns regarding the expected delivery date, please contact customer service using the phone number listed in the Contact HP section.
Tracking information

Packaging shipment (to you)

Shipment date:
11/30/2007 Shipment method:
FED-EX NEXT DAY (10:30AM) Track the packaging:

Product return shipment (to HP) Pick up date: not applicable to your service
Track the shipment to HP:

Repaired product shipment
(to you)

Scheduled Ship Date:
not yet shipped

Defective Unit Receive Date:

Shipping Method:

Track your shipment:

Order summary

Order number:
LZD584 - 01

Entry date / time:
11/29/2007 9:44am PT

Model number:

Serial number:

Replacement serial number:


Failure : System no function

Warranty status:
in warranty

Service charge:

Payment method:
not applicable


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