Hertzreservation, discrimination, racism

I called in this morning to reserve a car from hertz (in the Villa Park area, IL, Tel: [protected])) via an Insurance Company (American Access). I was unable to make the reservation, as the rental agent told me that I will have to provide a reservation confirmation number; since I could not get hold on the Insurance who should have made the reservation on my behalf, I told the rental agent that I am willing to pay from my pocket and that I will be reimbursed later by the Insurance. He then told me that it is unlikely he will be able to rent a car for me. He said that he does not have any car available at that time and also one of his cars needs oil change, so I should call other hertz locations in the area to make my reservation. I must mention that hertz shop was the closest to my place. I also tried calling other hertz locations, but I could not get hold any of the customer service. Next, I went ahead and made an online reservation and had a confirmation number (H2881639059). Then, I called the same hertz that was closer to my house; now, I was greeted by a female agent who told me that she was just answering calls for the main agent who just stepped out to go pick up a customer. I told the female agent that I have a reservation with them and I will need one of their agent to pick me up from my place. She told me that It is unlikely the other will be willing to come pick me up...she then asked for my phone number, which I provided to her and I asked her to tell her colleague to come pick me whenever possible as I have to be at work by 10 AM. They did not called me in the next 30 min.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Lombard, ILBut, fortunately, I called my insurance agent again and he was able to make a reservation for me. I then canceled the reservation I made on my own. Later, I called the same hertz shop again to confirm the reservation the insurance had put in for me. The first agent I spoke with was the one who answered my call and he did confirm the reservation...but, he also told me that he does not have any car in his shop to give today that I have to get the rental car from one of their nearby locations or through one of their subsidiaries (Wreck Room (in Villa Park). I was disappointed and clearly mentioned to the agent that this is out of ordinary that this is not the first time I will be taking a rental car from Hertz. I specifically told him that the whole situation sounds discriminatory and that I will be contacting the customer service to report him.
Next, I called Wreck room for the availability of any car. I spoke with ones the guys in the shop and he was surprised that I had to call them in order to get a rental car. He was shock and told me that the hertz hop I had been calling should have a rental car and that he does not know why the agent told me to call them for my rental.
I now stuck at home, not going to work today because someone at hertz decided perhaps I am a"bad guy" and that he cannot give me a rental car...that perhaps, I have an accent and that I am probably not his type.
This is very discriminatory and out of ordinary. I decided to send this complain for I felt an action needs to be taken and correct this misconduct at several of your shops.
The appearance, skin color, accent of a number of your customers should not be a decision factor in your daily basis business/activities.
FYI, I am a University Professor

May 01, 2017

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