HertzI rented a vehicle for uber use purposes, and was given a vehicle with improper registration info.

I came to pick up a vehicle reserved for today, 1/15/17. I rented the vehicle for Uber use. I went to the Uber hub to register the vehicle, and I was told that the plates were under a Chrysler, and I have a Hyundai instead, which has those plates. So, I wasn't able to use it for work purposes. I tried to call Hertz, located at 5259 W Archer Ave, in Chicago, with no success of any communication.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Chicago, ILI also received the vehicle with 1/8 of gas, and I put $20.00 of gas with the anticipation of working, and I cannot use the vehicle for work purposes. It is very difficult to communicate to this office, because it's either busy, or you are put on hold. So I want to document this issue so I can get either another vehicle replaced for tomorrow, and have Monday discounted, or be refunded for the amount of the rental, including the gas. I did not rent the vehicle for personal use.

May 15, 2017

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