Hertz / hertz malpensa airport italy

Milano, Italy

As a group of 8 people we made a reservation for a van, 2 months ago. Confirmation no is H4364366988 for the name Zeki Mangan. Upon arrival to Malpensa airport Hertz accountant tolsuz that car is not ready due to late delivery from previous customer. We had ti wait 3 hours. And extra 30 minutes waist for 2 child seats which also reserved beforehand. Lost almost one day of our 4 days vacation. Lost our lunch reservation. Paid extra for a disgusting lunch at the airport. 2 kids and a lady with diabetes suffered.
Is it our fault? Is that not a business? Should not they be prepared and find another car?
I strongly protest that attitude. Not professional at all. Shame on them...
Prof Dr Tansu Kucuk

Oct 25, 2017

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