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Hertz / personal car towed

1 Greenville, United States Review updated:

My complaint is a little different than the others that I have read about but it is just as bad if not worse. On wednesday July 15 I went to the airport in Greenville, Nc. I was not renting a car from Hertz because I had already made reservations to rent a car from Budget, which was located right beside Hertz. I was pressed for time because my son had basketball practice in Wilson and we were leaving the next morning for a very important basketball tournament. The car rental at Budget was exceptional. The employees were very nice and they explained everything in full detail. As I was leaving, one of the females from Budget told me to park my car where I was getting the rental car from so when I came back to get it, there would not be any problems. The rental cars were located in an area that only had grass and dirt. I was a little confused as to why the cars were there but I did as I was told. This was my first time ever renting from here so I felt like they knew what they knew talking about. She proceeded to tell me as long a I came to get my car that night that there would not be any problems, I said ok, thanked her, got in my car to drive to the area I was told. On one side of the grass there were 2 trucks and on the other side of the grass, there were about 10 cars. Remind you, there were no signs saying that these were rental cars. I proceeded to park where I was instructed, got the vehicle I was renting and drove off the lot. After leaving my son's basketball practice, which was about 2 hours later, I had someone ride with me so they coud drive my car home. I was still pressed for time because I work 3rd shift and it was about 9pm, maybe a little later but I had just planned on giving her the keys to my car so we could both leave. Well, I drove around the grassy area about 3 or 4 times looking for my car and I did not see it. To make sure I wasn't overlooking my car, we got out and walked the area, just to make sure. My car was gone. I went into the airport to find out what happened and a female stated that the manager from Hertz had my car towed. Im like "how in the world can she do that and I didn't rent from them", she just smiled and asked if I wanted to call her. We got her phone number and called the manager from Hertz. During the conversation, I am asking her questions, and she really had no answer. She told me that I parked onHertz side of the grass, not Budget. I asked her if there were any signs saying that and she said no. I then asked her why she got my car towed. All she could say was, "mam, you parked on Hertz side of the grass, not budget". Like I stated before there was nothing but dirt and grass in this area with no signs. How was I to know which side was which if there was nothing stating that in the area. I explained to her that if my car was out there for 2 or 3 days, then I would not have been mad that it was towed, but my car was only out there for 2 hours and I had intentions on getting my car that night. I called the tow company and he stated that it would be 125.00 to get my car. I had already spent 300.00 on the truck rental, 150.o0 on the deposit, and now an extra 125.00 to get my own personal vehicle back. WOW! Are we in a recession or what? I had to end up calling into work. I went and got my car the very next day and 30.00 extra dollars were added on. So I actually ended up spending 155.00, which was my money to take on the trip. This complaint is just the beginning for me. I plan on contacting her (Delphine) supervisor because I don't feel like she had the right to tow my vehicle. Especially, when she had no legitimate reason. Money is hard to come by but I don't mind spending under reasonable circumstances. This was definitely not one of those circumstances. I will go as far as I need to go to see if Hertz can reimburse me for their manager's mistake. I have never rented from Hertz, therefore besides this situation, I can not talk down on them. I would just like to be reimbursed for the tow fees. Sometimes people take thier manager positions and run with them, please remember that the same way you got it, you can lose it.

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  • An
      19th of Jul, 2009
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    This is a common problem.

    Hertz makes their money by owning as much land by all rental car companies as possible and making business difficult for everyone else.

    Please let me know if they resolve your matter, because they are not known for doing so without lawyers involved.

  • Ha
      27th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Blame Budget. Why Hertz? Next time, park where you are supposed to be parked.
    Also, make sure you allow plenty of time for your schedule.
    You're a lame ### idiot, trying to get someone else to pay for your own mistakes.
    Get a life.

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