Hertz / car rental & insurance

Hotwire itinerary: [protected]
We booked a midsize car rental to be available at tampa intl airport on fri feb 24th, 2017 @ 11:00pm to be returned on sat, feb 25, 2017 @06:00pm - also car insurance was purchased in conjunction for a total of $57.84
($39.84 for car rental + $18 insurance)
We arrived at hertz’s counter at 10:20 and stood in long line for about half hour, just to be denied the car rental we were asured to be available - no need to confirm is stated.
First, the rather rude clerks requested a $200 deposit! we were led to believe that all payments were made through hotwire and no deposit was required! however, even when we were ready to make the deposit using either of our credit/bank cards the clerks refused to accept them, and one of the main reasons is that we were not flying out of same airport! well, we were going on a sea cruise out of tampa and just needed the car for a day to visit a 90 year old aunt…. we were going to return the car to the airport! why do they care if we fly out of tampa or not? make no sense!
There was no reasoning with these rude clerks – and in addition, we could not use the car insurance that was issued through hotwire - alliantz – at $18, as stated above.
So here we were, paid for assured services – but no services were rendered!
We ended up with a great service from enterprise and they even upgraded our car to compensate for hertz’s abuse!
They did not even ask for a deposit and were extremely helpful and polite!

We demand a refund for the amount of $57.84 - for services not rendered!

Please reimburse my account
Janet howland

Mar 10, 2017

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