Hertz / car rental

Jerusalem, Israel


I want to complain about car rental in Israel, where I have been informed misleadingly. To whom can I send my emails with explanation?

Please see below for more details. I can send you the relevant contracts and documents as well.

Hope to hear from you.



Dear Mrs Ben-Ami,

I am very sorry, but I really feel cheated here.

You direct to the contract, but good information for your customer is much more important to retain them.

The fuel non-refund is unlogic, rediculous, and I was not told about it. I had not agreed with it if I had known it.

Furthermore, as far as the Airport service fee is concerned, the Hertz 'salesman' told me it was on the contrary, bringing back a car to the airport, would lead to a discount, because of the fact that the car then not is to be picked up elsewhere, and brought to the airport anyway.

Another point is that your 'salesman' didn't talk dollars, but NIS. Everbody talks NIS in Israel.

Then, because all paper work is digital, and to be send to me afterwards, including the check in form, it is not even possible to look carefully at these documents / contracts. Furthermore, this should not be necessary when working with a trusted company like Hertz.

I am very disappointed about this. I am certainly not leaving it like this. I strongly recommend you to make a gesture. If not, I surely am going to escalate this.

Waiting for your reaction,
Kind regards,
Michel Arninkhof

May 9, 2017

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