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Hertz / extremely poor customer service

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A friend and I both made car reservations through Hertz on Wednesday, January 23rd—for Tuesday, March 18-Monday, March 24, at the Merida International Airport in Merida, Mexico.

We both received confirmation e-mails and numbers (mine was D9023920862). My reservation was for a Chrysler Atos - Manual, with A/C or similar Manual Air. I believe my friend (Kathy Walton) made a similar reservation but requested an upgrade to an automatic transmission.

When we got to the Merida airport, we found out that our cars had been given away - even though we had called from the Houston airport earlier that day (3/18) to confirm the reservations -- because our flights were cancelled and delayed several times due to extreme weather conditions. (In fact, the Houston airport was actually closed for part of the day because of the severe storms moving through the state.)

Btw, when we called from Houston, we were told by customer service that our cars were indeed confirmed - and that they would be there when we got there. We even made a point of telling them we would be VERY late because of the flight cancellations/delays.

Again, when we arrived in Merida (at about 11:30 pm), we were told our cars were given away - and that there were none available.

Our group consisted of three women, a young man (college student) and a young woman (high school student).

We were left stranded - late at night - at a close-to-empty airport - in a foreign country. It can’t get much better than that.

The two representatives from Hertz turned us away without even an apology. Actually, they closed up shop and left. They didn't even offer to help us with a taxi or direct us to a hotel. They simply told us we would have to come back tomorrow and HOPE that there would be cars available.

So, we had to walk close to a mile (at midnight), hail two taxis, and find a hotel.
(We had already paid in advance to stay at a B&B for the week - but since we didn't have a car, we couldn't get there.)

When we arrived back at Hertz the next morning (at 8 am sharp), we were again told that there were no cars available.

Of course, there was an SUV parked right outside - but we were told we couldn't rent that because they were holding it for someone else. So...we couldn't take that vehicle but yet they had no problem giving our cars away to someone else the night before.

I can't even begin to tell you how unbelievably poor the customer service was.

After complaining for almost two hours, they finally rented us ONE small car (which we put in Kathy Walton's name). We had to cram five people and all our luggage into that one car.

The kicker is that a sixth member of our party was scheduled to arrive in Merida the next day. That meant we would not have room for her and her luggage in that one little car.

I called Hertz over and over and over again over the next TWO days - to get them to find us another car. At the end of the second day, they finally found us an SUV but told us we would have to pay for the upgrade. So, after we spent money we shouldn't have had to - on phone calls, several taxis, extra gas, and a hotel room - they refused to give us a free upgrade. We ended up driving around in that one little car, and then we had to pay for a van to take some of us back to the airport at the end of the week.

To top it all off, we ended up paying over $250 more than the price I was given on the original confirmation ticket.

I am completely appalled by the unbelievably poor customer service we received.

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