Helena Honda Ford Toyota2014 ford fusion

I bought my car over week ago. 2 days called them about problems. Looked at tues. Said needed barrings. Said parts be in thursday at 8 or 830. Waited for call till 1130. Then I called. Didn't come in. Said hopefully tomorrow. So friday came shipment comes 8 or 830. No call I call like noon. Talk one guy he checks, it came in. Then transfer me to guy handling my car. He says o let me check. I said I was just told it was there, has been for over 3 hours. So he said i'll get it in be done afternoon. I called them yet again 330 4. He said o I just got paperwork.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Helena, MTIt's done. I live 30 min from them. Said ok be in get it. Picked it up 5 530. Called them said still doing same noice, said bring in monday. I said uv had my car all week. My? To them y didn't they drive it after they put barrings in make sure all was good??? I'm leaving drive back east 2300 miles that's y I got supposedly got good car. Now it's sat i'm driving back in there taking macanich drive with me. Then back monday. See if we can get fixed by wed. Bad service. Big inconvenience on me. Pay all that money over week haven't even been able enjoy my new car smh.

May 13, 2017

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