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Do NOT order this product online without knowing this: They do not give you a total for your purchase until AFTER the order is placed and you can not cancel the order, even 5 minutes after you place it. Also, you can not go back to previous pages to change things. I placed an order without knowing I was doing it. I continued thorugh the pages hitting "next" and wanted to see what my total had been up to that point. Without warning, I got an order confirmation and the total on the same page. I immediately wrote to customer service and then called their 24 hour line. I was told that they were just an order line, but if I called regular customer service before 1PM CST, I could cancel it. The notification I got online said the office opened at 8AM CST I called at 8:20AM CST, waited about 20 minutes and then spoke to a woman who said she was a supervisor. She said that because the oven was going via next day air (it was a free option on the website), she couldn't cancel the order because it had already been shipped. Not so. When I told her it was impossible because the office only opened 20 minutes ago, she told me they opened at 7:00 CST and the paperwork had already been done. I told her that just because the paperwork had been done didn't mean the order was gone and reminded her that I had been told I could cancel up to 1PM. She said that orders placed on the webside couldn't be cancelled. She said I could refuse it, but would still have to pay shipping. A check with UPS said that the paperwork hadn't been done until 10:38AM CST and I'm still waiting for the notification that it was in their hands. I called customer service again and told them it hadn't been shipped yet and they told me that there wasn't anything in their system that would allow them to cancel a web order. There was nothing on the website that indicated that you couldn't cancel the order. The whole operation is geared into trapping someone in an order and forcing some money out of them no matter what. So here's some information for you. There is another website that throws in all the extras that nuwave offers for instead of paying $200, even without the upgrade, you only pay $139. including the upgrade. The company is and they offer free shipping.

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  • 2g
      Oct 30, 2009

    Everything Lotus954 went through happened to me on Oct-26-2009. I didn't think to call UPS, but I did contact my credit card company who told me that the transaction hadn't posted and therefore, I couldn't make a complaint. Please contact the company and ask them to cancel the order. I said I would try again. I got the damn thing Oct-29-2009. This has been a really stressful situation. What do you do? Keep the damn thing (and all the "free" [censored]) for $280 or return everything knowing that you are going to loss $$ for returning the stuff and the S+H of $94 which will paying around $130 for a stressful experience? What would you do?

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  • Nl
      Nov 04, 2009

    Same exact thing just happened to me (November 4th, 2009). I can't believe this even legal...unbelievable. Do not order from this website.

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  • St
      Nov 15, 2009

    unfortunately I didn't think to use scam next to the name until I went through this ridiculous fraud slam game as my friends have all like the product. I was trapped in the order process and as I hit the back key it instead went forward and confirmed and processed my order without my approval and since it was a Sunday my "order" was not reflected on my bank card either however Riverside Bank recommneded I cancel the card and therefore the transaction would not process and they'd send me out a new card. I'm tired of this crap and will do anything to outsmart the crooks. It worked.

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  • Yo
      Nov 27, 2009

    This is a Korean company and they are not doing anything out of the ordinary for a Korean company. You knew you were buying from a Korean company when you went to their website so you probably knew what your were in for.

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  • Pa
      Dec 06, 2009

    You're an idiot YooJin. How on earth would anyone know this is a Korean company?

    Here's there address from THEIR web-site:

    880 Lakeside Dr.
    Gurnee, IL 60031
    United States of America

    Sales & Marketing / North America
    Tel - [protected]
    Fax - [protected]

    Does that look Korean to you? Hey, guess what else? Their web-site is in English, not Engrish. Do you not have anything better to do than be a freaking tool?

    Anyways, this just happened to me on the Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving. I was going to order it, had entered my credit card info and hit next, it asked me how many of the "free" items I wanted with my order. I couldn't remember what the so called "free" items were, so I tried to hit the backarrow key so I could see what they were.

    It didn't let me, so I opened up a new browser so I could see what they were. I googled their web-site and instead of opening up their web-site, I looked at all the other web-sites that were screaming about this company being fraudulent.

    The biggest complaints I saw were being overcharged on shipping for the "free" items. Some charges were $60+ for shipping on the "free" items. The other huge complaint I saw was that the glass on the cover would crack and there was no way to order the replacement because the company wouldn't fulfill their warranty.

    I said to myself, forget this. Even though my dad was happy with his oven, (I later found he purchased his through Amazon) there was no way I was going to deal with a company that used such slimy business practices.

    I went back to the old browser and saw that my session had timed-out. Oh, ok. Guess I don't have to deal with it anymore.

    The next day on Thanksgiving, I find an email congratulating me on the purchase of my Nu-wave oven. NO WAY!! I didn't order that oven. There was no way I could get in touch with anyone because of the holiday.

    I'd done enough reading to know that if I let the oven come to my house and just returned it right away, that they would give me a refund, but still charge me the $29.95 for shipping. Screw that! I didn't order the damn thing.

    I went through my credit card company and told them about the fraudulent purchase. I had to go through the inconvenience of having my card cancelled, but I don't care, those ### aren't getting one red cent from me.

    I haven't received it yet, I should be getting it through UPS this coming Monday, Dec. 7, 2009. If I catch the UPS guy, I won't accept the package. Otherwise, I'll just have to bring it to UPS myself.

    No way that thing is staying in my house.

    Too bad they have to resort to such tactics. I'll be interested in seeing what happens when the cover on my dads oven breaks, as I'm sure it will after reading, oh so many reviews about that particular problem.

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  • De
      Feb 16, 2010

    The same thing happened to me.
    I backed out when they started racking up the charges, never got a confirmation email and thought I was ok. Two days later, I got an Email from UPS that it was shipping.

    I called and they told me I could refuse the shipment, but I have to pay the shipping because they never refund that. The supervisor insisted that she sent me three emails confirming my order, LOL said the one from was from them.

    ...And oh no, they break too?

    PS: You can buy this appliance at BJ's Whole sale for under 120.00 and it comes with the pizza kit AND the extender ring.

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  • Dl
      Sep 12, 2010

    well like an idiot, i went to the website put in a pre-paid credit card with a value of 30.00 and did the 1 time payment offer. I went though the screens and in each screen said "adding to cart", thinking I would get a "cart" at the end for me to confirm. No such luck. I got a total of $268.00 and 86.00 was shipping. I wonder how they are going to charge a pre-paid card more than the value of the card. I do think this is not a very good way to capture customers, but a way to trap them. What kind of reputation are they developing, knowing that people would rather keep crappy product vs paying to ship it back.

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  • Ca
      Sep 19, 2018
    NuWave - I orded buy one get one three 3 days ago. the ad said $119.00. They charged my card $179.75 and I still have not recieved it!!
    North Carolina
    United States

    I told the salemans 8 times I didn't want anything else but the buy one get one free. He still kept asking and pushing and I still don't know why the price is soo much higher than the add???? $119.00. I was charged $179.75!!! I have not even received it and he promised it would be here in 24 hrs!!! Not three days. I am furious!

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  • Br
      Oct 22, 2018
    NuWave - Air fryer
    United States

    Air fryer broke while covered under warranty, but I would have to pay over $70 to have it replaced, and that's after I talked them down! I can't afford that

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