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HDFC / personal loans brings you one step closer to your nightmares!

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It is a little strange to see that hdfc website address exits. As per their manager, it does not. I had the misfortune to take a personal loan with hdfc, my first encounter and thankfully the last. I, noman syed had taken a personal loan with hdfc on may06 and have been thinking of repaying it from june 06,... Reason no customer service (Cant say bad cant term what was provided in name of customer service as service). On my first opportunity I took another loan from a better bank and called hdfc to close the loan and then life gave me the chance to get in touch with the worst, incompetent, unqualified, rude and in human service agents ever. So I thought maybe I should go to the branch and talk to a hdfc manager. I had more pain in store for me. I told I wanted to close the loan dated 12/02/2007 and had the money to do that and was given a closing amount letter, which was incorrect as it had not calculated my dues correctly... They showed osd (Out standing just in case the one who is reading this mail doesn’t understand banking like all hdfc employees) for a payment that I had made on september 06 which they claimed has mysteriously gone missing, it got credited to a different account, is hdfc still using ledgers and balance books??? Was informed that since it has got credited to a different account (This is after submitting more proof then charles sobhraj did in his murder trial) that it cant be credited to my account as hdfc doesn’t have the provision to credit it to the correct account (Books may have got burnt) and an approval (from may be prime minister of mars) will be needed to do that. Then I got the pleasure to met a specific calling himself human in hdfc called mihir shroff, claiming to a collections manager (If he is a manager I am shahruk khan). The manager shroff took 38 days to tell me nothing can be done, manager shroff informed me that he is giving me a waiver of rs.6689 (This is the emi that I had paid and have proof for) as if he is done a great act of kindness on me and manager shroff then told me that the mistake was all mine because the loan account number on the cheque was incorrect (Strange it was filled by the collections guy, did come to the wrong place or are their more noman syeds, I have heard that there are 7 people with the same face in the world at one given time, may be he got confused) and manager shroff then asked me that I will have to pay rs.4000 (Approx) more, for the 38 days as interest when he was getting to trunk call the prime minister in mars (For the approval) manager shroff also has to audacity to tell me that he cant do anything and to call customer service (if hdfc has ever heard anything that sounds like it) resolve any further issue, when I told him that if a manager cant help what will an agent do, said he cant do anything, not a surprise, then when I asked if there a website address where I can complain he said no it doesn’t exits, cool which training outsource do you guys in hdfc use. Then I (Good customer wrong bank) agreed to pay anything just to get rid of hdfc and manager shroff (Anyways we in islam believe in charity. This time to hdfc) please continue the good work hdfc, get more customers to play with and earn more, anyways hdfc slogan says “personal loans brings you one step closer to your nightmares”.

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  • Ra
      30th of Mar, 2007
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    I am a HDFC customer. My customer ID is 8812399. On 3rd of March I visited the HDFC bank (AHURA center, MIDC Andheri East Branch).

    I asked for a FD of 2.5 lakh. I submitted the document personally. HDFC coordinator told me you would get receipt for this with in 7 days at ur home.

    After 10 or 15 days i got a call from HDFC bank that, they lost form so please come to bank again filled up the form.

    I again went personally to bank and submitted the form. This time they ensure me with in two days u will get receipt and updated in your net banking account.

    After days i didn't get response from bank then i raised complaint via phone banking. I didn't get response. I visit to the bank personally. Again they ensure me y will get it in one day.

    Now this process is continue from last 10 days. I raised many complaint via phone banking. Many times i visited bank personally. No response

    Last two complaint number was 102940207 and 134560124.

  • El
      10th of Apr, 2007
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    Wish to place on record my total dissatisfaction towards HDFC housing loan.

    To begin with in the month of February I had made an inquiry on your phone banking number about home loan and asked for an executive to visit my residence to collect my required documents. Unfortunately for one month there was nobody who turned up. In the meantime I decided on my property and then once again on 16th March called the home banking number and requested for a person to come to my house. I was told that an executive would be coming on 17th March. I decide to stay at home for the entire day. But to my disappointment there was nobody who turned up. On 18th March (Sunday) and 19th March (Gudi Padwa) I felt it was unethical to call and bother the executives. On 20th March I once again call and speak to a telephone executive by the name of Survarna who assures me that the person will come by 1 pm. She did give me the person’s name and contact number (Prashant – 9869156343) At 2 pm I call Prashant on his cell and ask what has happened why has he not come. He answers back that he had not got any instructions about the same. My patience had reached its limit I once again called the department and was put on to Mr. Pritak Shah, who instead of listing to my query was telling one of his colleagues that “there is a irritating person on the other line” to which his colleagues replies to disconnect the phone, which he very promptly does. My tolerance level was at its core, I once again call and speak to a Senior Executive Ms. Anita, who was very courteous and after her assures I rest assured that the matter would be taken ahead. Mr. Pritak arrives at around 5 pm to my residence to collect the documents. After a small apology he collects my documents and let me know that HDFC will give me call in 4 days time to update me on the status. Today it is the 9th day but no reply.

    The reason why I had chosen HDFC for my loan was because I had heard that they are very prompt and quick with hassle free attitude, which I was looking forward. But unfortunately my experience was that not only are your staff slow, inefficient and rude but also lack common sense that on a telephonic conversation if you keep a person on hold the phone does pick up the entire conversation that you and your colleague will have. After two days that I had called HDFC I had called a nationalized bank and to my surprise they seem faster, more polite and must more discipline in their approach. We Indian think that multinationals works fast and so go with them, but my experience is just the opposite.

    On 29th March 2007 I was driven to pen down my complaint regarding your organization and its employees and till date the complaints do follow. Further to my below mentioned mail, Mr. Menon did call and apologized for the inconvenience but in spite of which blunders were created at every stage.

    The evening of the call of Mr. Menon I received a call from Mr. Pratik who told me that I should have not gone to the Senior Management for petty issue. (Once again I was shocked to see the check of the person). I received a call from HDFC saying that my loan is sanctioned and I will receive the letter, I received the letter only yesterday (9th April) 13 days after my loan was sanctioned.

    Further to which I receive a mail from Mr. Nitin who introduces himself as the Branch Manager of Parel division and ask me to call him on 10th April (today) in the morning when I give him a call he just barges about the details of my flat, not understanding what I am trying to say. He just keeps insisting that I should mention where I purchased the flat and what am I doing about the same. I tried to tell him that my house is still to be registered and once done I will personally come and submit the papers and the time given is 3 months, but with little consideration.

    Best publicity that a company can look at is “good will” through word of mouth, through my experience I feel sad that I have a very negative attitude with your institute and will take this experience to every body whom I come in contact with. You’ll being the top management I felt that you’ll should know about it and take keen steps to rectify the same, as I believe that there are many customers with similar experience as mine.

  • Ma
      30th of Nov, 2007
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    This is Madhav, i am Salary A/C Holder for HDFC from 1.8 Yrs Onwards. 29th I Applied for Personal Loan on for 1 Lack. As per the Bank Executive Mohan (Ph: 09886821308) and manager Raghu (09341163146) Conversation purpose i applied for 1Lack with Rs 500Processing fee and 15.5% Interest. And they told I am going to get Confirmation mail from Mumbai. But I didn't get any confirmation Call from Mumbai and 99000 amount is Credited fro my Account on 30th.

    So Finally they Charged 1% Processing Fee(1000.00) and Still i don't know How much % They are Going Charge. I am strongly be leaving I am going to get that 500.00 Credit and Ensure 15.5% Interest.

    Madhava rao.k

  • Ve
      11th of Jun, 2008
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    I am unable to recollect my CUST ID.My Account No : 0071610007611 . can provide my cust id on my mail

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