HDFC Bank / programme mng. fee

KOLKATA, West Bengal, India., India

Dear Sir,
Despite submission of my prayer on the reversal of Programme Mng. Fee of Rs.114=69p. addressed to the Branch Manager, Mr.Shantanu Verma in April 2016, no
steps have yet been taken for the reversal of the uncalled for debit of Rs.114=69p.
I have sent 5/6 e-mails to Mr.Verma and several phone calls. No action seems to have been initiated. I never requested for any Programme Mng., nor did I receive any
prior intimation.Then why arbitrarily deduct this amount from a clients'account.
I am disgusted by such inertia and negligence of your Netaji Nagar Branch
causing immense harassment and hassle to a Senior Citizen Customer.
Please do the needful and oblige immediately.Thank you so much.
Yours faithfully,

Oct 22, 2018

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