HDFC bank / pathetic collection policy

Hdfc bank seems to have 'no described guidelines' in terms of collection. Any collection executive takes the call so personally and demands for the due payment, like his personal agenda. The keep calling repeatedly 5-6 times, if the phone call is not picked, I hope there are some contact policies for them, or any law, which they can abide to. How many times a day they may try to reach to a customer? Or whether they should redial the number for 6 times at a stretch?
While communicating, they take the issue so personally, that, leaving respect, they get into all types of mode, i. E., commanding, demanding, instructing and also hurting the personal emotions. They are no one to command us, that, we shouldn't have taken the card or loan (we also have a car loan with them), and this type of communication has occurred during both the collection, and none of has ever been 30 dpd (Day past due), so, it seems that, they are trying to use recovery policy right from the begining, i. E., 90 dpd.
All above that, the credit card collection people sent a person to collect the money on 25th march 2012 (Sunday), with out any prior discussion, and the person was drunk. When complaint about the same to abhijeet rajpal (Collection manager), he was not bothered about it and he also tried to put it on me, stating that, I am trying to fool because I didn't wanted to make the payment. We have never denied the payment and have always tried to make it on the said date, also have said no to those particular day when it was not possible, I am sure that, they will have the recordings for all those calls

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