HDFC Bank, Central Plaza Branch / charges debited towards service charges for non-maintaining sufficient balance in savings account no : [protected], cust id : 1302689

This is to bring to your kind notice that HDFC bank has debited a sum of Rs.827.25 on 09-07-09 citing that I have not maintained adequate balance in my subject savings account.

Please note that I also had a fixed deposit a/c in the same bank (Ref Account No : [protected]) where there was a clear balance of Rs.8016.56. Since both the accounts were interlinked and also had a sweep in facility attached to it, bank's claim of non maintenance of sufficient balance in my savings account does not arise.

The subject account was a corporate salary account opened by my previous employer in the year 1999 and since then I was having banking relations with HDFC Bank and had number of fixed deposits with them. I was compelled to close this account only on 27-08-2009 since I was unsatisfied with the service rendered by the bank. Bank also has not informed me while converting my Corporate Salary A/C into a normal savings account when I left my previous job and joined in a new company.

I seek proper justice on this issue.

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