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HDFC bank / harassment by gayatri of hdfc bank in closing sba for so long.

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25th August, 2009

How the Branch Manager Ms. Gayatri Krishna Rao of the “Churchgate HDFC Bank Branch” has been harassing us, for what- just to close the Saving Account of one of our family members (deceased) for so long, coming up every time with a new cooked up illegal and unethical demand.

(1) After the sudden demise of one of our family member, we applied for the closure of the saving account (SBA). HDFC phone banking said - A simple application letter + the Death Certificate would suffice the purpose. We submitted. No result.
(2) On reminder, this Gayatri asked us to submit the Closure Form. OK. We again submitted our second letter + their Closure Form + the Death Certificate too, to their staff Mr. Kaushal Saiya on 10th June, 2009. Nothing happened.
(3) We lodged our grievance to their Phone Banking Services. We were given the complaint no. “MUN-054906” on 24th June, 2009 by Ms.Meena of HDFC. Again nothing happened.
(4) We again spoke to HDFC Phone Banking Services- Mr. Prartik & his senior Ms. Shilpa only to face all the vague answers.
(5) We pointed out to Gayatri that this SBA (with OD facility) of the deceased person could be misused by any miscreant. Hence the SBA ought to be closed immediately without any further manipulated delay. But this Gayatri remained too adamant.
(6) She cooked up a new excuse and said- SBA could not be closed as this SBA is linked with FD and these two could not be separated. How ridiculous.
(7) We have categorically mentioned in our closure application to de-link these FD with SBA and close the SBA.
(8) These FD were linked to SBA on our request only and thus could be very well de-linked as and when we want; as such a link is never mandatory but totally optional for the account holder.
(9) To authenticate the fact, we inquired with several banks and submitted the reply of the top leading bank SCB, categorically saying- “FD link with SBA is purely optional and could be de-linked any time as per the account holder’s wish.”
(10) ON this, Gayatri had to keep quiet over her illegal refusal to de-link FD & SBA.
(11) We reported the matter to Media. And thus being frustrated, this Gayatri demanded a heap of unnecessary documents from us with hell of the tedious formalities as follows.
a) ID & address of the Claimant & ID proof of Legal Heir
b) 2 Guarantors required. (Should not be relatives)
c) ID proof & latest Salary slip or IT returns copy of the guarantor.
d) Letter of Indemnity to be franked for Rs 300/-
(12) We clarified categorically that all their demand are totally illegal and unethical as they demand to follow heap of tedious formalities with Rs. 300=00 stamp paper; while the balance in this SBA is Rs. 13=71. (Thirteen rupees and paise seventy-one only.) Hence we have forgone our claim for this trifle amount.
(13) And for closing the SBA, the needed closure form and death certificate were already submitted to them hundred times. NOW- WE GOT NO REPLY from Gayatri as it seems she has fallen short of any more harassing dirty tricks.
(14) We emailed our grievance to “HDFC Grievance Cell”; under the Subject head as -“HBL=[protected]- Hell of the harassment & trauma created by this lady in each and every of our case for so long.” The ref no. allotted by HDFC GC was “A51891070”.
(15) And then what these people have done to us. They made a mockery of our grievance.
(16) “HDFC Grievance Cell” said- WAIT for 5 working days for our reply. And then, after 5 days on our reminder, they again said- wait for further 5 working days. And after the next 5 days, they said- wait for the next few days. And their such demand to wait further and further is still going on since 11th July, 2009
-R K Agarwal. Mumbai.

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  • So
      27th of Aug, 2009
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    Hi Mr. Agarwal,

    Why don't you contact the Banking Ombudsman at RBI. Currently I think it is a lady and her contact details are available on the RBI Website.

  • Sa
      7th of Jul, 2010
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    Hi, This is santosh bhagwat. I also wanted to close my saving bank account. I formally submitted my account closure request at HDFC branch in Lonavala, Pune. The banking officer was not ready to close my account. She asked to meet branch manager and get a confirmation from him. We had a meeting and explained all the reasons for closing my account. I wasn't happy with the services bank was offering. Hence i mentioned honestly the reasons in their closure form. After submitting the form, I asked for a receipt but they don't give receipt for such requests. It was expected to close this account in 4 working days. but its still active in their records and they kept on charging penalties for not maintaining minimum balance in account. I suspect the officer has purposefully not forwarded my application ahead. They are not ready to close my account.

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