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I ordered a birthday cake and some gourmet items for the birthday of my father who is in a nursing home. The cake arrived completely dilapidated - as if it had melted - with the top of the cake smushed against the top of the cake box. It had been raining outside and apparently the whole box of items arrived soggy and wet. They didn't have the cheese that I ordered so they decided to substitute other items without informing me. My father ended up with a brick of parmesan cheese and an ugly looking cheddar with porter in it. I would never send parmesan cheese to my father in a nursing home. I called the company to complain and they said that they would refund the amount of the cake, I'm sure only because I had a photo of it that I sent them. My family thought the cake was such a disgusting mess that they took a photo of it to send to me. The company also tried to blame the fact that the box was wet on someone in the nursing home and refused to refund the amount for the cheese because they claim that they say that they have the right to substitute items without notifying the purchaser. Luckily, there were no substitutions to which any of my family were allergic. I was not charged for them but there were items in my basket that I ordered that were not delivered but I would have only noticed that had a scrutinized my invoice. The entire order was botched and it was an embarrassment for me and much worse, a disgusting mess to deal with on my father's end. Considering how messed up this order was, one would think the company would be offering to give me an entire refund, including the $40 for delivery but the two people to whom I spoke refused to give me any refund beyond the price of the cake. I will be disputing the charge and urge anyone considering ordering something to be delivered by this company to steer clear.


Oct 13, 2017

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