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[Resolved] wood handrails and assembly

In October, 2019, we sent photos of our project and discussed what we'd like. Two handrails for two step...

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[Resolved] ordered stair treads that were done incorrectly

I ordered stair treads from this company online. I ordered straight-edged treads but after weeks of waiting and charging me additional shipping charges than they originally advertised, they send me the wrong treads. All the treads had arrived with a bull nose. I was very specific in my order but they made the mistake.

While seeming to acknowledge the mistake, Spencer called me to discuss. I agreed that I could work with all but 5 of the treads by simply turning them around. Keep in mind that this meant the straight edge was not finished properly which meant more work for my contractor. Spencer also seemed to suggest that I could send them back, wait more weeks, and that he would cut off the bull nose and send them back. I bristled at the even the suggestion explaining that I had paid for a 10.5 wide stair tread, not one that he screwed up and would cut off and send back to me.

During my phone call, I expressed to Spencer that I doubted 5 treads would work because I was making them open on the sides. Further, he seemed to be appreciative that I was willing to accept the other 6 instead of demanding that all 11 be sent back and remade. I tried to compromise with him in the interest of also trying to get my project going since I had spent weeks waiting for an incorrect product. Once my contractor looked at the 5 stairs that I already suspected would be a problem, he came up with another idea since we already had to send back the 5. It would allow me to make the stair wider and longer. So, I ordered 5 new treads while I arranged to send back the others. Meanwhile, I am paying more money to correct a problem that created all in the interest of getting my project moving.

In the end, Spencer did not live up to his word to make things right since they had screwed up by making them all bull nose when I had ordered straight-edges. They had the audacity to charge me a 30% restocking fee.

This company is greedy and doesn't live up to the mistakes it makes. They expect customers to shoulder the burden of their mistakes. In fact, he kept saying to me that it would be costly for them to take them all back in the first place. That is why he was so eager to make them work. Even though I compromised by accepting the product incorrectly, he didn't hold up his end of the bargain to make it right and correct the original issue that they created by making them wrong in the first place.

This is not a trustworthy company.

  • Updated by Kim Putens · Dec 06, 2018

    See photo of how wonderful the stairs turned out.

  • Resolution Statement

    This complaint has been resolved. The company has refunded my money and ensured that I had the correct stair treads as ordered. I greatly appreciate their attention to this matter and that we were able to resolve the discrepancies.