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Havertys Furniture / Awful company

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We bought a Vera Wang mattress set along with $10, 000 of other items from Havertys. Within 5 weeks the mattress was sagging heavily in the center. Their mattress "technician" showed up and said that he could see the sag. Then he whipped out a string with a weight on the end and threw it across the bed. Unfortunately the string wasn't long enough to reach across the bed but he did his assessment anyway. He said our problem was a "comfort problem" and nothing was wrong with the mattress. He also said we should have been rotating the mattress. For gosh sakes, the mattress is 5 weeks old! If it is sagging in the center and you rotate it isn't the center still in the center? At this time we are waiting to here from a supervisor. Hopefully he'll be more reasonable. We have been so far.

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  • Va
      22nd of Sep, 2008
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    We financed $2500 dollars through Haverty's Furniture in one of those 2 year "same as cash" deals. We never received an invoice. However, we kept good notes and knew when the amount was to come due, who the players were, and so forth. A month before the due date of our payment, we started our attempts to contact the credit company and Haverty's. No one could find our account. The sales person at Haverty's suggested we just "forget it." No way, we thought.

    After several phone calls, trips to the Haverty's store, and several letters, someone finally "found" our account. And, they subsequently took our money. Guess what? A few weeks letter we received a letter with our original $2500 account balance, late charges and two years worth of financing charges? And with a smile, we produced our receipt.

    Please also see our post about the poor quality of our Haverty's furniture.

  • Ki
      21st of Nov, 2008
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    We too purchased a Vera Wang mattress that was latex and it sagged almost immediately. We were told the whole rotating spiel as well and fortunately were able to return it after it became miserable to sleep on. They are very poor quality and we had heard that they are returned frequently. We then purchased a Tempurpedic which is the best night sleep ever. Good luck.

  • St
      2nd of Sep, 2009
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    Since my last entry, I have received 419 more emails from people that I have helped and 186 new emails from those wanting assistance with locating furniture at 1/3 or lower the price of Havertys. The total amount of people contacting me about their savings was over 1, 000. The savings by consumers was far below the amount I originally predicted. Just by the numbers presented to me by those choosing not to purchase from Havertys, those consumers saved on average of $3, 500.00. Lets do the correct math. We will use a low number also to reflect those from the 186 email bracket. If 700 people saved on average $2, 000.00, Havertys lost a minimum of $1, 400, 000.00. That savings was passed directly to those consumers choosing to believe they could get a better deal for the same product elsewhere. The day will come when Havertys will have to take this matter seriously and be prepared to be judged not just on their ridiculously high prices but the lies concerning quality, protection plans and foolish delivery charges. I challenge everyone to think before you buy. Why pay more for the same product just because it came from Havertys. You can save thousands of dollars. So if you are interested in a product from Havertys, email me at enoch 17 @ with the name of the item and I will tell you who makes it, where to locate a dealer in your area to purchase from and what you really should pay for the item.

  • Be
      29th of Sep, 2009
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    Stol, You rock!!! Telling the truth is what needs to be done here. The employee moral at Havertys is as low as a snails-belly, why?? No raises for three-plus years, and then they have the audicity to spend 250k for stupid "Have" banners for the sides of semi-trailers and install them right in front of the employees!!!
    No wonder so much stuff comes out of the warehouses torn-up, who cares???? If I was a prep-guy I sure would'nt.
    Then it's "Employee Appreciation Day" hahahahah what a joke. They feed you a burnt hot-dog or hamburger and expect your attitude to suddenly change.

  • Mi
      6th of Oct, 2009
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    I have bought furnitures from Havertys and they always do good with their warranty. My advise is, READ YOUR WARRANTY when you buy a furniture from any company. The papers they gave you from the beginning specified in the warranty forms how a technician would inspect your mattress . This is standard measurement for most, if not all of the bedding vendors. Why would you hold Havertys accountable for
    being ignorant. They did not make the bed. They are one of the distributors. So please, do not insult other people's intelligence by your complains. Learn to read and understand what you are reading.

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