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Hathway Internet / unbelievable experience with hathway internet!

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Me and my family have been subjected to a horrendous experience by hathway personnel after applying for Internet connection. The field staff came and collected Rs.1965 in advance and promised to do the installation and connection in 2 days, which of course never happened. Whenever we called the field staff Mr. Rajesh, he promises to call back in 5 mins but never calls at all. After 2 weeks, we somehow got his manager's phone number and we are getting the same rude behavior from him (Mr. Lokesh) too...

Now they a re not even picking calls and bangs the line before we could speak, I am not sure what to do, it has been three weeks now, we still have not yet got the connection. Even if we get the connection eventually, if at all, i can imagine how the service will be!!! Hathway internet folks are real cheats and cannot be trusted for sure, please deal with them at your own risk.

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  • Aj
      29th of May, 2007
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    Hathway Internet Services - Very poor service!

    Hi all, this is to inform you guys about the pathetic technical service and customer service provided by hathway. They charge 550/- for 256 kbps for 1.5 gb download and they are not up to their expectations. They are not capable of providing uninterrupted connection at all. If there is no power on their end i have no connection at all! They even told me they cant do anything about it! The bandwidth is not a constant 256 kbps at all, it looks like i was better off with dial-up during downloads. When you try calling their service number at 08040161616 its always busy, they dont have a queuing system in their call center... now what kind of service is that?

  • Nr
      11th of Jul, 2007
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    Hathway Broadband Services - Nonavailability of net connection

    on 7th July, I paid for 512kbbs speed internet prepaid connection with Hathway Broadband services with an assurance of that it would be connected on 9th July, 2007. In spite of our repeated calls on Monday, 9th July, 2007, the local people miserably failed to give the connection and on 10th Morning, I started my reminders after umpteen reminders to several people, the connection was made available by 6 p.m. on 10th of July, 2007 having lost my business on 10th July 2007 with fervent hope, I opened the Hathway connection in my system. Alas, there was no connectivity. Immediately, I made a complaint by 7:30 a.m. A complaint number was given as 2034. I made several calls to the customer service department from morning to evening, say about 30 to 40 calls, to Akbar, Kamal, Venkatesh etc. But, none of them made any attempt to solve the problem for the whole day till now. Even now, I do not have the connectivity. I am sending this mail from a browsing center. A horrible and pathetic way of serving the customer.

    I have lost the business today and the people who have been trusting me could not continue the trust because I was not able to deliver the results for the want of broadband connectivity.

    The above episode is classic example of your customer service. Now, I am being driven to appropriate forum for put forth my grievances to consumer forum. Everyday delay is a loss to my business and I have to search a new business. I hope you will take immediate steps for solving the connectivity problem.

    Ravichandran. N
    My Hathway broadband account No: 194640/Alwarpet, Chennai.

  • Rr
      7th of Aug, 2007
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    Hathway Internet Services - Very poor service!

    I have taken Hathway prepaid internet connection on 26/07/07. From that day onwards they given perfect connection only on one day. When ever there is a problem i have called to customer care of hyderabad just they are generating a complaint number and issuing me, but they are not taking any action on those complaints. If they solve the problem also just they are solving it temporarily such that connection works for 5 min. Very poor service!

    With Regards,

  • Dh
      20th of Sep, 2007
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    Hathway Broadband Services - Indifferent customer service

    The local area operator at Grant Road area has been taken over by Hathway, and so we paid Hathway the charges on 03.08.2007 with an assurance that the maximum time taken for the connection would be 1 week. It is 20.08.2007 as i write this complaint and we are still waiting for the one week to get over. The sales people are rude, ill informed. To acquire business they make assurances which they have not been able to keep, despite which they are not apologetic, and every time we call them, a different reply is received.

    Absolutely indifferent towards the customers requests and their woes... This is the state of affairs before the internet connection is done... all the users are re-considering their decision to get Hathway Internet...

  • Ki
      20th of Sep, 2007
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    Hathway provides the worst internet service in Ameerpet area. I've taken a connection from them this month and the sales guy had promised connection by the evening but it was five days before the connection was made.

    The worst thing about their service is the call center. The people at the call center (especially those who give their names as Rakesh and Rekha) do not log a complaint at all and give a non-existent complaint number to us. Next time you refer that number the executives say it does not exist and imply we are lying to them. The guy who said he was Rakesh even denied talking to me.

    Right now I am facing a problem with browsing the site Wikipedia and its been 13 days since I gave my first complaint. Calling a call center does not fetch any results at all. And if you email their help desk there will be an immediate response from the heedless technical department who make the call just to close the complaint that is automatically logged by your email.

    I've emailed five times so far and each time their response is the same - A guy from technical department calls and pretends he is listening out our problem for the first time and then he says he will get back to us within sometime. The never call back. For the next email, a new guy from the tech department calls.

    Call center is even worse like I said before. And further they have only one number to give us and most of the time that number is engaged.

    Those who felt this information is useful, please let me email of more forums where I can post this matter. I do not want more people to be cheated by these guys.

  • Ri
      1st of Oct, 2007
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    Hathway Broadband Services - Cheap service

    Hi folks,

    They are sick... Services are pathetic... they promised a lot... But the customer as well as technical services are screwed up which they claim customer value addition... Really man hathway sucks! These guys are very sloppy. I got myself taken a new internet connection to 512... so called speed... But the pain in the ### is it, never gets connected to internet. That installation engineer told me to wait for 30 mins so that the blinking light on modem will settle down. Its going to be more than 72 hrs since then. After repeated calling these service engineer never turned up... New advancement is, atlast its settled down but in 'off' mode. No blinking at all.

    The height is just go to their website u would find a news about hathway implementing "oracle financial erp" to streamline. Process... hey guys hold on. You should have something in place then only u can streamline. Right. First they should make their basic clear... They are dreaming of servicing broad band... ridiculous. All the losers are their employee...

  • Am
      14th of Nov, 2007
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    Hathway Broad Band - Failing in services assured and false commitments

    I have taken a broad band connection from hathway Baroda in july 07, connection was installed in Aug 07 though the payment was made in july, after installation it was observed that surfing was not happening in evening and night hours . problem continued for a month. I kept on calling their offices and agent (Mr Virender Patel and Mr Mayank Solanki ). They have commited to fulfill the lost time . After that connection was dead for almost a month. same story again.
    On 4th nov collection agent had come to collect the next installment i asked him to adjust my lost days but he said this only can be done if i will make next six months payments. finally on 6th nov my connection got discoonected.
    The company is cheating customers with false commitments and poor services.

  • Vi
      6th of Dec, 2007
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    Please shift my net connection. My old address D-227, Sector-10, Noida & My new current address is D-206, Ist Floor, Sector-10, Noida. So please shift my net connection.

  • Mv
      15th of Dec, 2007
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    A SET-UP BOX was drawn at CHENNAI from M/s. SHRI STHYA SAI CABLE, NO. 62A, 1ST FLOOR, M.G.ROAD, SHASTRI NAGAR, CHENNAI-600 020 (Ph #:044-65911877) under the agreement that it would be on rental basis and in the event of returning same the Rs. 2500/= would be refunded.

    As per the agreement the SET-UP BOX has been returned from my end to the said office on 30/1/2007 with an understanding that an amount of Rs 2500/- would be refunded to me through a cheque to my HYDERABAD ADDRESS, vide M. TARUNA, C/O. M.V. RAO, TRT-1194, SANATH NAGAR, HYDERABAD-500018 (Ph: 09849099688). But I surprise that so far the cheque with regard to the said refund has not been received at my end. My old address: E-11, B12, (the then new # 28), Narayanswamy Appts, M.G. RD, SASTRI NGR.

    SURRENDERED SET-UP BOX # = 67 A 1 F 5 00810605908. It was surrendered at 10.30am on 30/10/2007. The name of the person received the surrendered SET-UP BOX is Miss. K. SHANTI. In the receipt Miss. K. SHANTI put here signature on behalf of SHRI SATHYA SAI CABLE, SHASTRI NAGER, CHENNAI -20.

    PLEASE EXPEDITE THE REFUND OF MONEY ON MY NAME TO MY Hyderabad address as mentioned.


  • Cj
      2nd of Mar, 2008
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    The Manager
    Complaints division
    Hathway internet

    I applied for the broadband connection and connected on 25/02/08.My IP address My MAC address : 001APE83E110. Customer code:259469.My residence address is No2, 2nd street, P.T.C. Colony , Thiruvanmiyur,Chennai-41

    I am shifting my residance to : Old no 17/3 new no13, 2nd cross street ,Sivagamipuram Thiruvanmiyur ,chennai-41 .So please transfer this net connection to the above address.

    My mobile no ;9444018055 , my e.mail:

    Thanking you



  • Lc
      10th of Mar, 2008
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    I faced the same and continue to do the same due to lack of options. I opted for 512kbps blast (11PM-9AM) and what I got is less than 128kbps. There's no connectivity for half of the day everyday and if I download anything after 9PM the speed is about 4-12kbps!!! It works normal during day(hmmm), I have called their so called useless customer support at least 3-5 times and nothing happens everyday. I just renewed my connection on 8th march and it works only today i.e. 11th march 2008. A friend of mine just told me abt BSNL in my area which I went straight and applied. All I can say about Hathway is "DON'T EVER GO FOR IT UNLESS U DONT HAVE ANY OTHER OPTIONS", let me put an advisory here "BEWARE IF YOU HAVE HEART COMPLICATIONS' they will surely give you a heart attack with their superior customer service. I cant even access citibank anytime in the night..its pathetic.My new package will last till June and am not gonna call them anymore if I have anymore problem but I will go straight to consumer court to settle anything. THE SAD PART OF THIS COMPANY'S THAT ITS DIRECTOR "Mr. Rajan Raheja" happens to be the part of the OUTLOOK GROUP owner or founder.

  • Sa
      25th of Apr, 2008
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    Hathway - Service
    Spectrochem Pvt. Ltd.

    frequent suspension of account, mail space reduction (has been done 3 times itself in this month), very poor customer service. You keep calling their helpline nos.. u get thru after few hrs..

    Main problem is that the none of the manager come on the line when a call has been made to the customer service department. Even their nos are not given.

    Legal deptt. nos are not given.


  • Mu
      23rd of May, 2008
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    I have paid 750 Rs as an advance to the hathway gentleman who came to my doorsteps politely.

    I was promised to get a connection in 4 days.

    for 7days no body responded. when i called regarding the progress i was given nonsensical answer. i got bsnl connection meantime. i requested for refund.

    one month nobody called me back regarding the refund status evenafter three complaints. I called all the offices for this escalation. no way for the response from hathway.

    i am satisfied now telling my colleagues and friends about the professionalism of hathway . atleast they will be protected from these nonsensical headache sufferd by me...

  • Ga
      5th of Jun, 2008
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    hathway is always better than other isp provider .
    they always helpful...
    i have very good experience with hathway company.

    chembur & colaba area .

    home & office both location i got inernet connection from hathway .

  • Va
      13th of Aug, 2008
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    Hathway has a very poor record for broadband services provided in Mumbai.

  • Dr
      13th of Aug, 2008
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    hathway a bitter experience. Almost 5yrs we are having the connection and never worked regularly and months together they didnot rectify. last month I wanted to see whether incessant connection coming or not then only i paid the bill through out bill never exceeded more than 450 rupees. this month they have sent a bill above 2000 rs . can you believe it. they are cheat.

  • Ki
      31st of Aug, 2008
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    I have taken Hathway prepaid internet connection on 25/08/08. But they given the connecetion on 23/08/08 they said that due to some technical problem this delay happened. I Taken the speed 128kb/s but on that day i got the speed 76 kb/s on the next day morning it came to 100 kb/s that's ok and in the evening it again gon to 61 kb/s and gone to 0kb/s and from that day to the next there was no connection. When ever there is a problem i have called to customer care of hyderabad just they are not lifting the phone and we have to wait for nearly 30 min minimun time, generating a complaint number and issuing me, but they are not taking any action on those complaints. If they solve the problem also just they are solving it temporarily such that connection works for min. Very poor service! Very worst connection.

    Previously we have Air tel connection we never complainted to them that new was down or slow.

  • An
      6th of Sep, 2008
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    Hathway Broadband - Awful company
    Hathway Broadband

    Inspite of daily calling it has been only commitment given and reasons to hear from the customer services person attending which seems to berevinding daily saying that it is migration/data transfer/signal / local cable. The commitment given that it will be done today morning/noon/evening/midnight seems to be only to pacify the customer with no closures.

    There seems to no on bringing things to closure. Never come across such a bad service

  • As
      29th of Sep, 2009
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    Also Hathway Brodband Speed issue & worst service issue in mumbai - i think hathway is not doing business but they are think public is fool.

  • Sh
      12th of Jan, 2012
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    Hathway - Harresment
    Hathway broadband internet

    Dear All,
    My name : shirshendu sasmal
    I have purchase a broadband connection from Hathway broadbane internet.
    After installation between 2 days Connection is gone.
    Till then, i have filled complained ; I have many times try to phoned the concern person
    ... Not picking Up. From Helpline(customer care) the complained has been reminded
    many times.
    Till no reply ... No technical person came... not even phoned form anybody
    account : 827959 ; complained no : 6446789

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