Harvey Norman Wanganuilost ipod!

Our iPod Touch which we bought through Harvey Norman Wanganui had a fault so we returned it to them for a second time and they in turn sent it away to be repaired under warranty.

This was three weeks ago. For the past two weeks we have been calling harvey Norman periodically to get an update on whether the iPod could be repaired or replaced. Everytime we called nobody would give us a straight answer, the usual answer was " oh you need to speak to so and so but they're not here right now, I'll get them to call you back" which of course never happened.

Finally today we managed to get someone to tell us what was happening, they said " well I better be honest with you but it arrived back instore and has since been lost or stolen, I better put you on to the manager", so then we played a game of phone transfer ping pong and eventually were told the manager was on another call and he would call us back, yeah right, that never happened. So we called him back a number of times but he was always too busy to take our call, so great now the manager is avoiding us.

So as of now we appear to be blacklisted with the Harvey Norman receptionist and now have no choice but to take time off work to "camp out" at the store until the manager will see us.

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