Harvey Norman Malaga Store / service

Malaga, Western Australia, AU

I walked into the store to look at powered recliners I know they are right at the back of the store.So to the back of the showroom I went.Trying out the comfort etc of them I was there for at least 10 minutes.Looking around for some help and right over the other side of the store was a male and female chatting away.So walked over as I did the male could see I was heading in their direction BUT instead of coming towards me to see if I needed help oh no he just kept chatting.When I finally got all the way across the store to them I made the comment normally staff come over to customers not the other way around.The female got another lady to help me.I didn't take notice of their names.But the lady that served me her name is Rhonda very nice and helpful lady.More than I could say for the other two.If I didn't really want the powered chairs I would have walked out of the store.

Nov 22, 2016

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