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Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia
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Over the past two decades, it’s been a wonderful experience having a merchant in town like Harvey Norman, previously Murray Neck. I’ve had many delightful relationships with the store staff over the years that it was almost like a family member. It’s unfortunate to have that image tarnished by recent events for a product costing $379 when our family has purchased tens of thousands of dollars in Harvey Norman products over these 20 years.

My wife purchased a fitness band with product care in April 2016, invoice 613586, and it failed in July 2016. I’ve asked for a store wide credit as I wish to keep the money within the Harvey Norman family. I’ve been refused a store wide credit by the Computer and Electronics manager, Nathan, and had about an hour-long conversation with him requesting a store wide credit. He became annoyed at my persistence and threated to call the police. My thoughts are I’m out both a product and $379 and he wants to call the police on me?!? I’ve provided a simple resolution to this by allowing me to purchase something else in the store from any department.

I’m contacting the ACCC to see if they can provide the resolution to this issue. Again, it’s unfortunate the enjoyable memories of years going into the store have been tainted by this event. Perhaps I will turn my voting dollar to the Internet.

I see the days of “family” like businesses diminishing.

Joe Tinfina

Jan 13, 2017

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