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Complaints & Reviews

extremely rude salesperson

Bought a new fridge and washing machine from a salesperson called harken at harvey norman in morrabin.
When the fridge was delivered it came without a box, and on further inspection i found a number of scratchers and a dent on the side of the fridge. I rang the store and spoke to the jerk who sold me the goods and was informed I should have known about the damage as the fridge was discounted, I explained to him that if I had known I wouldnt have bought the item.He was so insistent that I accept the situation and It was only when I explainedto him I work at a school that has done a lot of business with him he backed down. He promised that he would replace the fridge with a new model due in the following week.
The following week came and went and no fridge, so I rang and I was informed in avery rude voice not to bother calling again as he would call when it came in, to which I replied I had every right to call and in fact he should have given me a curtesy call with an apology. It is now the third week and when I called was informed the fridge would take another 2 weeks, So after copping another rude mouthful from him in which he called me a liar (funny that) I informed him I would be speaking to the franchise manager, his words were "dont bother as you wont get anywhere the salesmen are always looked after" I wonder if Mr Harvey Norman is aware how tarnished his name will become if customers like me continue to be treated with such disrespect.

  • An
    annoyed_1 Jan 09, 2011

    I bought over $3000 worth of goods from Harvey Norman, the salesperson was quite thick and kept trying to make it seem like he would lose his job for giving us a discount (I also work in sales and know thats stupid). Upon purchasing everything was fine and we opted for an extended warranty. After a days reflection we decided to remove the extended warranties as we feel we do not have a need for it. This has been the longest process I have ever been through with any company, we bought the products 2 almost 3 weeks ago and I have spent a total of 3 hours trying to get this sorted. Whenever I ring I keep getting passed through to the same idiot that sold me the products (probably not a good idea because salespeople are not customer service orientated). I am in the process of getting married and setting up my home which means I would have easily spent another 10 grand in that store but I'm extremely put off by the sheer lack of followup and customer courtesy shown by Harvey Norman Staff. I'm definately sending a complaint of a similar nature to the manager of these staff and the franchise manager and suggest any who posts a complaint to do the same.

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wrong television

On the 23/8/09 I ordered a LG LCD Television from Harvey Norman at Marion Road, Marion store. It was a 42” 1080P model. I paid a deposit to the amount of $368.00 deposit. Invoice number 1076271.

On the 31/8/08 I attended at the Harvey Norman store at Marion Road and was served by Lincoln. I was informed that the LG Television would not be delivered until November due to the numbers of back orders. I told Lincoln I was interested in the 3 month warranty that went with the LG television. He told me that the Sharp was a better set; it was dearer, than the LG but it also had a 3 month warranty.

I agreed to purchase the Sharp 42 Full HD Model 1080P, LC42D77X, PIANO. The deposit from the LG SET to be transferred to the purchase of the Sharp set.

On the 1/9/09 I re attended the store and paid the outstanding amount on the account.

On the 2/9/09 tech2home service and installation attended at our home to install the new TV. On installing the set they found the set to be U/S. They said that the packaging had been opened before and repacked. Possibly floor stock? They rang the Marion store and left to pick up a replacement.

About one hour later they returned and installed the replacement set. I paid them$193.00 for their services. After they had left we inspected the installed TV.
It was a……………Sharp LG 42 106cm AQUOS Model LC42D77X
Not a………………Sharp 1080P PIANO LC Model LC42D77X (see invoice 1076271)

Apart from the wrong television being installed from the owner’s manual the set only has a 12 month warranty.

We are disappointed by the mis representation by Harvey Norman re this transaction especially in relation to the warranty.
Hoping that you can help us with this complaint and bring to a satisfactory conclusion.

J.C Milham


  • Gi
    Gilligan85 Nov 23, 2009

    The model number listed is a Sharp model number and more then likely the Sharp LG thing is just a typo in the Harvey Norman computer system (They are all entered manually and not checked until a mistake is made). With it bein a U/S model originally, then it would not have been ex floor stock from Harvey Norman, because why would they unpack, repack and not send it back? And Sharp do have a 3 Year warranty in Australia, check their website. In the U/S they only have a 12 month warranty (Blame Sharp for that one). So in the end Harvey Norman did not do anything wrong. You were just unlucky.

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misleading, poor & rude service

I purchased a cellphone early this year, and it is no longer working now. At the time of purchase, I asked how the warranty works, and I was assured, all covered upto one year. When I popped up at the branch this morning, I was advised to leave it (For few weeks), to see if they can fix the problem. No temp phone was offered, therefore, I did not agree with that. If this is the company policy, why wasn't it clearly disclosed when selling the good?

  • Ge
    Geof Davies Aug 14, 2009

    Why do you say the service is rude?, and in what way was it misleading? Did they at anypoint mention that you would get a loan phone if the phone failed? Just because they didn't offer a loan phone, doesn't mean they are misleading you.


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kitchen appliances

I am amazed at the amount of bad experiences people have recieved at harvey normans where ever it may be.. All I did was google harvey normans complaints and jesus christ there alot of people pissed off with these clowns and I thought I was a minority... Anyway my bad experience is at broadmeadows where I went in to purchase a few kitchen appliances I was attended by a female "salesperson" I am bit strapped for cash so I thought I buy on interest free.. The total about $3500 gorillas... Surely she all lovey dovey until I signed on the dotted line and like jekyl & hyde she changed into somebody else as soon as I signed.. I didnt really care if she turned into a baboon because I purchased what I needed and wanted under no pressure from anybody because I was there to buy... I am sure there are people that have been happy with harvey normans but surely when you do a survey you dont concentrate on the positives to correct your mistakes but you concentrate on your negatives to make things right... Harvey could be a good person but his business does not give him that image.. I had one of the appliances fitted and it did not work called harvey norman spoke to the saleslady her responce "not my concern you have to ring manufacturer" but I did not purchase from manufacturer I purchased from harvey norman... I rang manufacturer they come down on weekday so I need to take day off work... Faulty component must change come next weekday... Take another day off work.. Fit component.. Still not working... Return next day take another day off work... Remove and dismantle appliance to find fault... Order part.. New appliance sitting out the back under cardboard.. Ring harvey norman speak to sales lady explain what is happening she say "nothing I can do" I say "I spent over 3gs in your deparment and all you can say like a parrot is there is nothing I can do...!!!" the appliance is sitting out the back waiting to be fixed now what do I do are they pushing me to do something I dont want to.. I feel like I need to break same bones to get things done but what is that gonna do other than fuel the fire... I will get my appliance fixed or exchanged no doubt about that... All I will like to do is inform others that do not shop at harvey norman broadmeadow kitchen appliance section because my god you will live to regret it... I hope harvey gets to read this.. Not that he gives a [censored]...

late delivery and lack of contact between salesman and customer

Dear Complaints Board, We recently purchased a furniture from Harvey Norman Malaysia, Ikano at Mutiara...

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poor customer service

Five weeks ago I brought my laptop in to be fixed. A week ago, I called them to check up on it because they said it would take 2-4 weeks. Apparently they've been 'waiting on parts' and they told me then that they didn't know what was going on and would get back to me on Monday (yesterday). After not receiving a call from them, I called them today and apparently the part is meant to arrive "sometime this week". It won't be done until the middle of next week at the very earliest, putting their repair time at 6 weeks. I find this absolutely ridiculous.

  • Su
    sus_one Nov 16, 2009

    repairs can take 6 weeks or more it is not a problem with harvey norman directly it is the extended warranty authorised repair centre. Notebook depot as they are very slow at receiving parts admittedly most of the time the delay is the supply of the parts from hp as most parts are not immediately availiable and have to come from singapore. in saying this toshiba can be difficult to get parts from to.
    All i can say is at least it is being repaired try buying from wow or dick smith wow will tell you sorry not our problem call so and so dick smith will say sorry take it to a repairer and get us a qoute.
    at least harvey's deal with the warranty on your behalf.

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  • No
    nowstressed Dec 09, 2011

    On Friday 9/12/11 at approximately 3.30pm My Daughter and myself went to our local Harvey Norman store to purchase an Emachine, after entering the store we procceding to the computer section to the item we were interested in purchasing.

    After looking at the item we intended to purchase for about ten (10 ) minutes we were ready to buy! We both looked around for sales staff there was one (1) beside us and one (1) about two (2) Isle away and not one (1) of them offered any sort of assistance?
    After a further ten (10) minutes or so had passed we both were getting rather annoyed until my Daughter approached the nearest sales staff and was told he was busy with another customer then my Daughter approach the other sales staff that was two (2) Isle away for assistance before anything happened.

    It was so bloody annoying that we had to chase after staff that just weren't interested in us at all???

    It took us nearly one (1) hour to purchase one (1) item.

    Come on Harvey Norman get your bloody act together.

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lost ipod!

Our iPod Touch which we bought through Harvey Norman Wanganui had a fault so we returned it to them for a second time and they in turn sent it away to be repaired under warranty.

This was three weeks ago. For the past two weeks we have been calling harvey Norman periodically to get an update on whether the iPod could be repaired or replaced. Everytime we called nobody would give us a straight answer, the usual answer was " oh you need to speak to so and so but they're not here right now, I'll get them to call you back" which of course never happened.

Finally today we managed to get someone to tell us what was happening, they said " well I better be honest with you but it arrived back instore and has since been lost or stolen, I better put you on to the manager", so then we played a game of phone transfer ping pong and eventually were told the manager was on another call and he would call us back, yeah right, that never happened. So we called him back a number of times but he was always too busy to take our call, so great now the manager is avoiding us.

So as of now we appear to be blacklisted with the Harvey Norman receptionist and now have no choice but to take time off work to "camp out" at the store until the manager will see us.


Paid $4000 for a sleep by numbers mattress and we have not had a full night sleep since buying it 5 1/2 months ago. Sleep by numbers company will not take it back due to hygiene reasons!!! & this is also harvey norman's excuse!! I have spent many nights on my old mattress on the floor & my husband has to get up of a night and take nurofen. Crippled in the back we groan in pain trying to get out of bed & it takes ages to get dressed cause we cant bend over to put on clothes & need to use the bed head to help us sit up so we can get out!!! And what will they do to help... Nothing!!! Million dollar company & they won't help because we've had it nearly 6 months... I have told everyone I know how disgusted we are and will continuely tell more... They got their money so who gives a #, hey!!!

no delivery of washing machine or informed of that it would not be delivered.

Washing Machine ordered from Harvey Norman was told that it would be deliver the following week and the Wednesday and it would be first on the truck. I had to go work so as it had not arrived, I phoned Harvey Norman Port Macquarie to find out if it was on the truck.
I was informed that it had been sent back to the Sydney as it was stock taking time and nothing could come into the warehouse. NO ONE BOTHERED TO PHONE AND INFORM THE CUSTOMER OR THE SALES PERSON ABOUT THIS MATTER.
The Manager of white goods was so what we will sort it out when we can. I as the customer should just wait for him to have time after he had visited the local radio station. So I still don't know when it is arriving as the staff, push customers around and show no interest in giving good service in a time when the economy is down.
Maybe it is time that the big Bosses of the companies get involved instead of closing stores or complaining of business being bad.

  • Ha
    HARVEY NORMAN RIP OFF Jun 30, 2014




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incompetent and rude service

I purchased a Lachlan bunk bed for my 2 boys on Feb 21st of 2008 and it was delivered on Feb 27th. No...


We were interested in purchasing a matress advertised in our letterbox delivered Harvey Norman catalogue. A...

2 comments Mount Gambier Mattresses

credit note

I have a credit note issued by the Harvey Norman store in Warragul. When I tried to use it to make a purchase I was told it was issued by the computer department which was a different franchise even though it is in the same store under the same roof . The amount of the credit is only $39.95. I find the attitude of this particular store extremely poor, surely they could have an internal system to address this. Over a time period I have spent thousands at this store & have allways paid cash. A letter sent to the general manager has never been acknowleged . Dissapointed yes I am, but I m sure Retravision appreciated the sale of the computer that I am now using [yes I did pay cash] Trevor Burton

  • Sa
    Savloy Jun 30, 2009

    Well I do agree with you trever they should have made an arrangement to swap the credit from computers to electrical, however you must remember that they are individually franchised and although they are under the same name they have two seperate franchisees. It would be the same if you went to a toy shop and had a credit there and wanted to get your money back so you could go next door and purchase a toy from a different toy store. That being said it was a small amount and if you are a good customer then they should have swapped it. It may be a guildline that that store follows. And im not sure but you said you " but I m sure Retravision appreciated the sale of the computer that I am now using [yes I did pay cash] Trevor Burton...didn't you say the credit was on computers anyway...?

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re refunds whatsoever

I purchased a 3 seater swing, as a gift, for the new patio, my son was building. Took it down to my son and...

will not give refund

I purchased a garden swing, as a gift, for my Son and his family's new patio. My son thought it was too big for the area, even though we didn't take it out of the box, as we told him how big it was and we agreed it wouldn't fit on his new patio.
I tried to return it - UNopened in box and with receipt and was told "they do not sell goods, only to give refunds, for whatever reason".
I found the two "managers" I spoke to, very rude and theywould not even enter into any conversation with me, about this hard and fast rule.
I thought customers had rights too, but obviously not at Harvey Norman.
M. O'Connell.

bad sales & phone service.. deal not followed through by staff member

This is how I came to complain about Harvey Norman on this site.
Today, Saturday 18th October, I visited the Harvey Norman store on Main Street in Palmerston North, with my mother to purchase a 37' Lcd, and other appliances.
Once inside we looked at various LCDs as they were having a huge sale that ends tomorrow.
We were greeted by sales clerk Rebecca, who was really friendly. we advised her that we were interested in purchasing the Phillips 37' Lcd that was on sale, which she took note of, in her notebook, then we asked about microwaves, in which she showed us a variety of, we settled on a LG Wide 34litre microwave, which she noted in her book. From here we went and looked at universal remotes. located by their counter, and pc monitors.
We then looked at a Toshiba 20' pc monitor and advised we would also like to add that particular model to our shopping list, which she again noted in her notebook. We then went and looked at vacumm, in particular an Electrolux. we liked, therefore advised her we will also purchase this product.
She also convinced us to purchase the Lcd/Plasma screen cleaning kit, which we agreed.
we also needed a vga cable to connect the Toshiba pc monitor to our hardrive at home which we added to our list

Here's why I am complaining!!!
Phillips 37' HD Ready LCD - $995.00
Toshiba 20' PC Monitor - $499.00
LG Wide 34 Litre Microwave - $219.00
Electrolux Ergospace Vacumm - $199.00
VGA Cable - $89.00
LCD/Plasma Screen Clean Kit - $89.00

The above items is what we wanted to purchase, the total being $2090.00 and asked the staff member we were dealing with, what deal could she give us in regards to purchasing the above items in cash... she advised she will look into this and try and give us the best deal possible..
after waiting around in the store for 1/2 hour she came back with her quote for the above items we intended to buy and what a wicked deal it was... WE WERE QUOTED $1544.00 TOTAL for the above items( doulble checked with her to make sure).. Now thats what i call an awsome sale!! we were on cloud nine for being quoted a price worth shopping for..and too good too be true..
Alas it was...with this wicked price in our heads, we walked over to the cashiers desk with our lovely sales clerk carrying the microwave and vacumm, vga cable and lcd/plasma screen clean kit.
Paid the total of $1558 cash and was advised to pick up lcd from their HN warehouse on the other side of town, address that was given for their warehouse was Tremaine Ave, so with our lovely purchases and awsome deal in our heads we headed to our car and loaded the items, where i realised we didnt have our toshiba 20'c monitor, thinking that we had to pick this item up at their warehouse with the 37' lcd, i headed back instore to our sales clerk to check if this was the case... unfortunately all she could say was 'sorry' and grabed a box that contained the monitor and carried it for me to the cashiers desk... where she then advised me that i had to pay $499.. I said that it was included in the quote she herself had given me before we made payment, again all i got was 'sorry' no other explanation given...HOW PISSED OFF I WAS!!! False sales quotes... not a bloody good look for the store.. as it turned out we hadnt been given a deal at all... Loss of our bussiness now due to one staff members incompetence at following through with a given cash quote.. ended up getting a refund for the vga cable for pc as we didnt have the monitor to connect to, hence the reason for getting the cable!!
Totally pissed, left the store as their warehouse was closing in 45 mins. following the directions given by her, the sales clerk, I set off to their warehouse. Driving along from one end of Tremaine ave to the other end ( its one straight long, long road), keeping a look out for the HN name, we couldnt find the bloody place!! I ended pulling over and phoning the HN number and asking where their warehouse was located exactly, I was told its located by the railway station, which i passed driving along tremaine. I also asked how do i make a complaint as i was not happy with the final service at the store and that i was also frustrated about being given the wrong address, the lady was speaking with just laughed and said there are no managers available as its the weekend and that i can ring on monday. I advised that this was not funny and will definitely be calling on monday...RUDE< RUDE<RUDE service.
So i make the trip back along tremaine ave to the railway station vicinity only to find no bloody HN warehouse..REALLY PIISSED now i ended up stopping on side of road and asking a nice elderly gentlemen if he might know where the HN warehouse is... to my surprise he did, as he used to work a couple doors down from the HN warehouse... and what do ya know, the HN warehouse address is 16 Downing str, which is a side street off tremaine ave... not the blimmin address we were given 1st and then 2nd...his directions so easy!!
LCD PICKED UP WITH 10 mins to spare...
We had planned to shop in Harvey Norman during the week to purchase other appliances but now they will not get our service, and will definitely advise friends and family, co workers etc of our overall unhappy service, particularly this PN store and the ones who man their phones... because word of mouth goes a long, long way.


  • Su
    surferchick Jun 14, 2011

    diddums.your life must be so hard.a salesperson made a mistake.its really not that big a deal.suck it you big whiny cry baby.

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  • Da
    dasman Oct 04, 2011

    Maybe you should have checked your list and added it up, then you may have noticed it missing I find it so amusing you find it someone else's fault. Its not the same as going home with your fish and chips and the oysters are missing you had a written quote and an itemised receipt.

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were told that product would be in stall soon we are still waiting

We purchaced a Nintendo DS pack on the 15/08/2008 on the addvertised product as it came with a extra game and carry pack. At the time there were no carry packs in stock so we were told it would be a couple of weeks and the stock would arrive, so we went ahead and purchased it. We took the products that were in stall and just needed to wait for the NDS 12 in 1 pack. Todays date is the 10/10/2008 and I have called the stall 8 times with no answer to when I would be getting the products funny anough I was told today that they have been selling this pack again but there is none in stock. I was upset at the fact no one had called to say the products had been put away for me, or were in stock again no one from the stall had called at all in the 8 weeks I've been waiting. So cutting a long story short my son still hasn't got all hes birthday presant. Regards Wally

[Resolved] bad customer service

Dear Sir/Madam I have always thought you company was good and that there was many variety of electronics to...

arrogance and no respect to customers

I believe Harvey Norman need to take a look at how they select their managers. Especially the Broabmeadow...

no complaints department

My wife and I were married just over a year ago on a sat and were given just over $10, 000 to help us get started for furniture in our new home, we went to good old Harvey Norman first thing monday morning all excited to splerge on some nice furniture, we were shopping with a salesperson for atleas 40min buying a small fortune, my wife who was several months pregnant asked the salesman where the toilets were he told us that they were several hundred meters away outside of the complex my wife told the salesperson that see could not make it the salesperson said it was not store policy to allow customers to use Harvey Normans Bathrooms, my wife became extremly distressed as she attempted to make her way out of the store to use the public toilets which were hundreds of meters away she urinated on herself as this was happening the only thing the salesperson was doing was trying to get me over to the saled desk to get money off me I told him to go to hell and helped my wife out of the store. From that day on my wife was extremly upset and having masive cramps one week later we were told that we had lost our baby. For the past year I have contact govt (I was told that could refuse my wife because it is Harvey Norman policy), news and as many other avenues as humanly possible with absolute no evale see as Harvey Norman has no complaints dept.
I do not wish for this to hapen to anyone ever again, please do something.

  • Hn
    HN Staff Member Oct 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello Jamie,

    Firstly, I am very sorry for your loss...

    This is a very strange complaint as I am a staff member in the store and there have always been quality normal and disabled toilet facilities available.

    Also in our previous store across the road there were these facilities available.

    I can only assume the staff member must have been new to the work place and has given you the wrong information, thinking these toilets were for staff for this I give my sincerest apologies...

    For future reference also, Harvey Norman stores are independently franchised, often with Furniture, Computers and Electrical franchisees operating under the one roof.

    These franchisees are the business owners and as a result are the final point of contact for customer relations.

    I can also tell you that all of the Rockhampton store franchisees are very understanding, approachable and are always looking for customer feedback to ultimately improve customer service.

    On a personal note, I can only hope you can understand the situation and not hold the staff member wholly responsible for your loss...

    Again... My deepest condolences...

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staff treated unfairly

I believe Harvey Norman need to take a look at how they select their managers. Especially the Hastings Branch in New Zealand. Derogatory remarks about Jerry Harveys partner and bully tactics by management at morning meetings must have a negative effect on the culture of this particular branch. Whoever is in charge please investigate why staff should have to work in this type of environment. Managers that treat their employees with fair treatment and respect can only improve the quality of service towards the customer.

  • Wo
    woody2011 Mar 30, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Harvey Norman Hamilton - Bad Customer Relations
    Brought a Olympus Camera there and it was faulty - They gave me a replacement which was a model up from the one i had as they no longer stocked my original Camera - I had to have that one they said even though i didnt like it - They wouldnt let me put the money towards a camera i actually liked. Anyway the replacement camera made also by Olympus lasted two weeks and i returned this to harvey Norman Hamilton and they are going to Fix it and wouldnt give my Money back ! Still waiting on them to fix it Three weeks later. I think this is rather unfair and will never purcahse anything from them again

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