Harvey Norman - Caringbah / harvey norman caringbah

Taren Point Road, CARINGBAH, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Recently I purchased two 'Laser' brand Android Tablets for my young sons to take on an oversea's holiday. They were on special for $58.00 each, down from over $100.00. I asked the sales assistant if they would support android apps and games, to which he advised they would and they were a good tablet for children. I also purchased two screen protectors and two cases. Got them home, charged them up and tried to load some apps - terrible and slow. The boys were unable to use them as the apps they wanted to play such as minion rush, angry birds etc would constantly freeze, clearly the device is not for anything other than reading emails. Further, the screen protector and cases I was sold did not fit these tablets. Upon returning from our trip I took them back to Harvey Norman in their box's with receipts. My reason for returning them was that the did not do what they were intended and I wanted a refund. My boys got 5 mins use before they became extremely irritated with the freezing and lack of response. The extremely rude manager refused to refund me or even provide a credit based on the fact that they were not in a re sellable condition! He asked me what I expected when I only paid $58.00! He then said that they had been scratched and used and I was to complain to Laser directly. He then had the audacity to ask me how much I paid for my Samsung Galaxy Android and that was what I would need to pay to get a quality tablet. I am truly disgusted with the service I received from Harvey Norman Caringbah & have since found out that those tablets in particular are on a run out clearance so I have aided Mr Harvey in recouping some revenue for his junk, including the screen protectors and cases that didn't even fit that model. Shame.

May 25, 2015

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