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Harvey Norman / lie to facilitate agreement

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Dear Complaints Board,
Is there an email address to contact the Harvey Norman head franchise office about a customer complaint? I have the following complaint regarding service from the Southlands - Kalgoorlie, Western Australia store.

I purchased a Panasonic 42inch Plasma Television from Harvey Norman on Saturday 15th of July. I was required to take the invoice to the warehouse at the rear of the store where the Storemen gave me the Television and accessories boxes. I travelled home then assembled and set-up the Television in my house. Just as I had finished two Harvey Norman Storemen arrived at my doorstep and told me that they had given me the wrong Television unit. They told me that the unit I was given was an older version of the same Television and they had bought around a newer version for me. They dismantled the Television I had purchased and then I had to assemble and set up the television they had bought to my house.

I have subsequently found out that they actually had given me a newer version of the television with HDTV and not an older version. So they lied to me, maybe to facilitate my agreement to give them back the television I had purchased. I can see why the Storemen were so eager to take the Television I had been originally given.

I was going to purchase a HDTV converter and new gas stove with hotplates from Harvey Norman next month but they have lost my business due to this situation with my Television purchase.

  • Troubledstaff's Response, Apr 21, 2018

    Mcgraths Hill NSW 2763

  • JohnBeer's Response, Jun 14, 2018

    already done

    Harvey Norman robbing thieving [censored] do not give cash back

  • Bubbles1234's Response, Oct 28, 2018

    I have taken the phone to the shop an they can't find a fault and I would like to get a refund for the phone today or I will be going higher

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  • St
      14th of Jul, 2015
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    I'm told you can send your complaint through the following link: http//

    I'm having a very bad experience with HV Moorabbin too. I spend over 6k at Harvey Norman Moorabbin store. One of the item is Ariston induction cooktop. As we are doing renovation and extension, we had the cooktop delivered to the house without anyone touching it since the kitchen is not ready. When the kitchen installer came to do the cabinet and benchtop, he open the cooktop box so he could get the measurement to do the cutout. To his surprise, the glasstop of the cooktop was all broken So he rang me immediately, I then rang the sales guy. Initially, the sales guy was quite helpful and he rang Ariston contact who told me that they are trying to find a glasstop which would be a week or so. Then I waited and waited, then after 3 weeks, hadn't heard anything, so I rang Ariston sales guy who said that the cooktop was not far away. I didn't want to wait so he said I could take it to the store for a credit. Back to the store on Saturday, waited an hour and was told by the sales guy that they were not going to give a credit and said I should go home and wait another 2 weeks or offer me to buy another brand for $800 more. As my kitchen has been cut out for Ariston cooktop, there are not many other choices. So I decided to wait 2 weeks which quickly passed without any update so I text the Ariston guy who says he was on leave and will check when he's back to work the following Monday. Nothing heard on Monday, then I rang the sales guy who says he is going to talk to Ariston guy and get back to me. Finally, the Ariston guy said I could get a refund because they could not get me a replacement within such long time (now it is 2 months after I reported the issue). So I was very happy and told HV sales guy that I was going to see him on Saturday to get a refund. Was refused and told he was going to talk to Ariston guy. So I was very annoyed and angry, feeling that this HV sales guy is trying to stop me from getting a refund. The following Monday, HV sales guy rang me and said he found a similar cooktop with different brand which is the expensive one and another cheaper brand. But I asked for a refund then he said "NO" and if Ariston can refund to me if they say so. Then back to Ariston guy who says what he meant by refund is to get a store credit and as a manufacturer, he is not dealing with public. I was told to go back to HV store. Today, I rang HV sales guy again to organize a replacement. Initially, he was trying to sale me the more expensive brand by saying that it has a better quality but I have already done my research and know that it was not true as many negative reviews. Then I asked if he could match the price as online shop price, then he said no but can only offer "The good guy" price which is about $80 cheaper than Ariston cooktop. Then I ask if I could get a refund for that $80 bucks, the answer is "no", and was told I could pick up something from the store. I was very angry and had an argument with him. Then he said he would not be dealing with me as I was yelling at him. But I was talking louder over the phone as every request of me was not considered. And I felt like I have no right to get a refund and be forced to accept whatever is available.
    Very disappointed with my experience. They should not only attend my request but also compensate for all the inconvenience that cause since we are living without cooktop for more than 2 months now. And the only thing I get from Ariston is "sorry".

  • Se
      16th of Jul, 2015
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    I am absolutely fed up with Harvey Norman - they seem to treat customers so badly. I am still waiting for my complaint to be dealt with re my non-working VCR and cable. They seem to be not even responding to complaints. If this continues, I think Harvey Norman will soon close down.

  • Ke
      25th of Jul, 2015
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    Firstly it is really sad i had to write a complaint about Harvey norman that is such a nice brand i have been trusted so much when i buy products.

    on 30/06/15 i visted Coburg Harvey norman to buy washing machine and vacuum. ordered LG washing machine 7.5kg and Dyson handstick vacuum.

    They said these items are not in stock at the moment therefore i need to wait for few weeks to receive them, however it will be free of charge with delivery.

    Until 24/07/15 i have been waiting for them to contact me but never happened.
    i had to contact coburg store at 1540, spoken to one of assistant, confirmed that all items are arrived they are ready to be delivered tommorrow.
    i was so happy despite no one even rang me eariler to inform that these items are ready. John said cannot gurantee the time of delivery will be about 9am to 5pm.

    At 2;30pm delivery man came.He fixed washing machine and came into paying remaing amount. then i asked him " where is my vacuum ?" he said i dont know only i have in my list is washing machine that is it. I was getting a bit unhappy about the service, and rang coburg store immediately.

    Manager in Coburg said on the phone he doesnot know about vacuum and started just blaming about John who has spoken with me. But had to hang up in the middle of conversation as i had to make payment with washing machine then delivery man can leave. i was not happy however i didnot want to waste this man's time so i made payment.

    After delivery gone, i contacted the store again, tried to speak manager but was not avaiable. He called back at about 1505pm.

    I addressed my concens to him because i expected him to explain and find a good way to resolve my concerns, but his statement was really abruptive+++
    and said ' you need to come and take your vacuum' that was shocking because I decided to buy the products at the first time because they will be delivered with free delivery fee. but now what he said was ' you need to come and take items by myself'.

    In my understanding, manager should be on the side with customer and tried to understand our concerns not creating additional problems.
    his attitude and statements were really shocking. Over the phone he was yelling at me and speaking loudly when i was explaining. Also he just interfered during i was expressing my concerns by cutting up my sentence.

    Therefore i have to speak up not only for my self for benefits of whole harvey norman. Because he is representitive of Harvey norman, right?

    it was not only first time to buy items from harvey norman. I have been in clayton, city all place of store, and i always had best service.

    However, this time i could not stand with thess concens expectially with manager at Coburg, that is simply ruining whole image of harvey norman.

  • Se
      26th of Jul, 2015
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    There seems a culture to ignore customer complaints - delete them. I know a few customers that are furious.

  • Se
      26th of Jul, 2015
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    Stella, that is a shocking. It is not good enough. I will talking about this with colleagues tomorrow.I am sick of their advertisements - they just don't care about their customers.

  • Mi
      3rd of Sep, 2015
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    Hi guys. I want to make a complaint also about the service here in Croatia. The employees were very impolite when I received the wrong couch, and told me that it was my fault, that I ordered the wrong one.

    Now I'm looking for their contact email for the head office of the store (I assume the head office is in Australia), but I can't find any email. Does any of you know where can I send an email?
    Thank you in advance!

  • Se
      4th of Sep, 2015
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    I am still waiting for my complaint to be dealt with - there seems to be an unofficial policy of deleting complaints - this can only make things worse. It's been a few months now. They just don't seem to care. Could close down due to poor sales soon.

  • Se
      4th of Sep, 2015
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    I suggest you go to the website - but keep a copy. They hate being contacted with complaints so they will try and ignore you so you go away - of course in the meantime we all hear about their poor customer service.

  • Co
      12th of Oct, 2015
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    Don't buy from Harvey Norman WATERGARDENS! 

    They will sell you a bed base that will eventually make your mattress springs collapse causing excruciating pain and severe back issues! Then the franchise owner will belittle you, speak to you in a condescending manner, not apologise and admit they still sell these types of mattresses with the incorrect bases! 

    Even the mattress manufacturer inspe ctors stated that they do it all the time and don't learn their lesson or care about the repercussions to their customers. There is no duty of care for their customers health and wellbeing! 

    They are the only company who choose to withhold the imperative information to customers NOT to use a posture slat base with a pocket spring mattress!! Even worse they sell it to you! 

    My husband and I purchased a mattress and bedroom suite from Harvey Norman Watergardens in 2009. It was a long process but we finally found a mattress we were both happy with. About 2 years ago my husband started having back issues and I started having pain in my hips. At this point although my husband thought it was the mattress, I unfortunately didn't agree. The pain in my hips became worse this year and began to spread to my lower back then upper back. I was going to osteos, physios getting xrays etc trying to identify what the cause was. I was waking up from the excruciating pain and had to get out of bed for it to dissipate. Finally I realized that the only time I was suffering from this pain was when I was in bed. We then thought it was maybe time to change the mattress but had only had it for just over 5 years. While speaking to other bedding experts we realized that our pocket spring mattress was not meant to be on a posture slat bed as purchased from the so called bedding experts at Harvey Norman. We inspected our mattress with a broom stick and confirmed that it had sunk in the middle. The mattress manufacturer came out to inspect and confirmed that not only has the mattress sunk in the middle the mattress has completely collapsed due to the incorrect base provided to us. The franchise owner refuses to take any responsibility for this pure negligence, and is only offering a repair.

    She has not once apologized for the terrible experience and pain and suffering we have endured. Rather she has been condescending and belittled the fact it took us too long to acknowledge our mattress was the issue. Well I'm sorry but we don't have xray vision to see that the springs have completely collapsed on the inside of our mattress! 

    ACCC clearly indentifies that this is a major fault. Particularly when it has caused pain and suffering and particularly when we would not have purchased this if we new this would happen! 

    I strongly advise to anyone out shopping for a mattress to only trust a bedding specialist and not the cowboys at Harvey Norman! 

    The support office doesn't bother to assist you and just throws it back to the franchise operator saying it's their decision how to deal with it. Maybe you all need to refresh your ACCC compliance training and rethink how you sell, what you sell, the retailers duty of care and what constitutes a major fault! 

    Will see you at vcat soon!

  • Se
      13th of Oct, 2015
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    This is shocking. What a mess.

    I am still waiting for management to address numerous emails about faulty products. It seems that someone is deleting emails.

    Harvey Norman don't seem to care and are causing problems to grow and grow.

  • Jo
      27th of Dec, 2015
    0 Votes

    I had such a bad experience buying a laptop from Harvey Norman that I made a YouTube video about it:
    I was lied about so many things!

  • Gl
      13th of May, 2016
    0 Votes

    Just disappointed in reading so many complaints about transactions with hn
    also disgusted that there are no responses from hn to any of the complaints
    makes me more disappointed as i have had similar experiences and ... Would move away from any more dealings with hn

    peter lismore

  • An
      14th of Jul, 2016
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    Harvey Norman - 9 weeks later still waiting for my wirlpool fridge to be fixed
    Harvey Norman
    United States

    9 weeks later still waiting for my wirlpool fridge to be fixed .Why does Harvey Norman Bye Fridges into Australia that do not have spare parts .Not good enough Harvey Norman.

    If you cant have these parts in Australia the very lest you can do is have the part air freighted in just a few days, I would never buy another fridge again without noing if your carrying spare parts to that fridge, We can all go without tv, micro, and many other items most of us are very understanding that things breakdown.But to wait 9 weeks without fridge and still waiting is a disgrace and un AUSTRALIAN.

  • De
      14th of Jul, 2016
    0 Votes

    Hi Anitole,

    I sent you a PM requesting some more details. Very sorry to hear about the delays on your fridge repairs. We'll just need to grab your contact details so we can follow this up with the franchisee and store you purchased from. Please check your PM's when you get a chance.

    Kind regards,
    Karl - HN Customer Service Team

  • Li
      31st of Aug, 2016
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    Harvey Norman Online Store - Not happy with online with Harvey Norman
    Harvey Norman
    Perth Metro Area
    Western Australia

    I live in rural WA and went on the Harvey Norman site to source out a Trax Red Car Bed but went online to the main site of HN and sourced about 5 different main suburbs in Perth WA to try and get a price, availability and shipping price.
    Not only could I not get a price from the city stores, i tried both our country stores but all stores had none available.
    If they want us to shop local they need to make their website user friendly and surely main shops should have certain items available.
    I have found the same item over east and the price and shipping so easily so why do we bother trying to do the right thing by our WA businesses.

  • Pk
      31st of Aug, 2016
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    Harvey Norman - Lounge

    Back in December 2006 we bought a Janda Maddison Lounge Suite from Harvey Norman for well over $5000 and we have had nothing but trouble with the lounge. It has had 5 repairs mainly with the structure breaking 3 times, lounges sagging, and we noticed 2 small spots where the Leather started peeling after 12 months, and leather cracking, even though we bought their recommended leather cleaning/conditioning products, to be told “sorry, you’re just out of warranty”. Each pick up and repair took months which meant that some of us would have to sit on the floor. After a “Friendly” visit from the Harvey Norman Franchisee, we were told he noticed our 20kg 3yo daughter mistreating our lounge by flopping on them, so we have been mistreating our lounge. Not once has she caused the frame to snap, and if this expensive lounge can’t handle a small child, when it is suppose to be manufactured to 130kg, I want nothing more to do with it! Our warranty soon runs out and we have been told they will only repair it one more time and that’s it even if we still have warranty left. I am sick of being treated like we have done something wrong and looking at this 4yo, poor quality, peeling, cracking, sagging lounge, with many other issues, too many problems to list, I am disgusted! Never will our family and friends ever buy Janda or buy from a Harvey Norman store again after the many tears I have had dealing with these Australian companies. Where are you now Gerald Harvey, not even your head office wants to help us?

  • Sa
      31st of Aug, 2016
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    ARVEY NORMAN AEON BUKIT TINGGI - Undelivered washing machine

    I bought a washing machine on 13th May 2012 and should have been delivered within a month. However, till today (1st Oct'12) I haven't receive my machine.

  • Tj
      31st of Aug, 2016
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    Harvey Norman Nowra Office - Faulty Item and Bad Service
    Harvey Norman Nowra Office
    New South Wales

    purchased a Fuji camera as a xmas gift for daughter. The camera was supposed to be shock proof, water proof ect. Daughter used it once and discovered that it was faulty and not working. Returned to Harvey Norman and was served by the most condescending rude staff imaginable and told that the camera would be sent for repairs.
    I explained that I did not want a repaired camera but a perfect new one.
    We went on to have un returned phone calls, staff telling me to have a drink of water in a quiet place, and so forth. I have never encountered anything like it. Phoned dept of fair trading and was advised I am perfectly in my rights to get a replacement New camera or a refund, yet I am still waiting for Harvey Norman staff to ring me as they literally wont really discuss it. Oh and at no time did I raise my voice or have an abusive manner - but I am starting to think I should !!!

  • Je
      23rd of Sep, 2016
    0 Votes

    My children required CA FL-141 last month and used a document management site with lots of form templates . If others are searching for CA FL-141 too, here's

  • Ge
      22nd of Nov, 2016
    0 Votes

    I don't want to go into too much detail, partly because I have enough and I am totally wound up by Harvey Norman. My problem is Harvey Norman Renovations. I just want to say to anyone thinking of using them to stay far away. my whole experience with them has been an absolute disgrace. Harvey likes to say cheap cheap cheap. Well it definitely is. An absolute expensive disaster. They con you into paying the whole amount, which I have and I still don't have a toilet, shower or vanity.

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