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Wow where do I begin to describe the uselessness of the malaga harvey norman. Well i'll start from the beginning. About 2 or 2 and a half years ago, I bought a compaq desktop computer from that particular store with 3 year extended warrenty. The computer worked fine for about a year and a half but then it started to act up and shut down every once in a while. I took the computer back to harvey norman to get it fixed. The first thing the tech bay serviceman said to me was that it would get fixed and ready for pick up in a couple of days which I thought was excellent service.

After about a week or so I went to harvey norman to pick up my computer and the tech guy said the computer was fixed. I asked him what the problem was with the computer and he said that there was no problem but they rebooted my computer anyways. I was kind of shocked when they told me there was nothing wrong with the computer even though any normal person who uses it would experience how annoying it was to have the computer shut down every 5 minutes. However I did not complain because he said he ran test and left the computer on overnight in which nothing occurred.

With the tech guy's assurance that the computer was indeed working fine, I took the computer home and started it up but after 10 or 20 minutes the same thing happened. I was shocked at the fact that a supposedly experienced tech person would miss this type of problem, so I called harvey norman up again and they said to bring it in again, in which I did. This routine conitunes for a few times because the tech guy refuses to believe that the computer was shutting down because he said he left it on overnight. However the problem with this method of finding out the problem was that whenever the computer shuts down it would restart and return to the previous page meaning he would never discover the problem. The tech guy and I argue for a few times when I took the computer in, in which I thought was rude considering he made me drive down to the store like 50 times and he nevered considered that I might be right.

About 8 or 9 times after being told that there was no problem. I asked the tech guy what he wanted in order for me to prove that there was indeed a problem with the computer and he said take a photo (Reason for why I didn't think a photo was needed was because I didn't think anyone would be that stupid to miss such a noticeable problem) so that's what I did. The next time I went into the store I took the phote of a blue screen that appears when the computer restarts (This particular blue screen illustrates that the computer has shutdown due to some problem that I was not familiar with) the tech guy finally admits that there might be a problem with the computer but instead of making it easier for me he says that he needs to send the computer to another harvey norman to get it fixed and I need to give him my iphone in which I took the photo with. I asked if I could send the photo to that harvey norman store and I # you not, he said I couldn't do that. After bickering for a few minutes I asked him what else I could do and he said I could take the computer and the photo to that harvey norman store myself, in which I reluctantly agree to do even thought it was like 35km away.

The next day when I got to the store, I took the computer and showed the photo to the new tech guy (He looked at the photo for like a split second) and said to be back in a few days when I can pick it up. When I picked it up I asked the new tech guy what he had done to the computer and he gave me some bs about it being fine and that nothing was wrong but he rebooted it again. I asked him if a photo wasn't enough evidence that there was a problem, what else do they want me to do and they replied "why don't you record it" at that point I was beyond pissed off so I agreed and recorded it. This old routine continues where I take back the computer and nothing is done so I decided to complain to harvey norman by phone. At first this lady that I spoke to was fine and she offered me all these options for the computer, in which I was happily willing to do but it would cost me a fair amount of money and time. To the end of the conversation I asked if I would be compensated if I indeed was right about the computer problem and she said no. I argued back and said how is that fair that harvey norman made me drive to there stores so many times and waste so much money on this and I wouldn't even be completely sure that my computer would be fixed, at this point she started to be hostile and rude so I hung up the phone because I knew it wouldn't go anywhere.

About a year later after going through all the hassle of trying to convince harvey norman that the computer had a problem they finally fixed it and the computer was working fine but a couple of months later the computer again started to shut down but due to the hassle that I went through I decided it would be easier just to fork out 2 grand to get a new computer instead of having to deal with incompetant harvey norman staff.

So pretty much I asked all consumers to stay away from harvey norman because they have the worst customer relations I have ever seen. I especially want to mention tony from the malaga store and the rest of there tech team for being the most useless staff I have ever encountered. I will never buy any computer products from there ever again. Oh also I want to mention the lady I spoke to on the harvey norman complaint hotline but I forgot her name but she should be fired for her rudeness to customers. All in all I respect the retail industry and I believe that it should be hard for people just to get a replacement product or a refund because people can take advantage of that but it shouldn't be impossible.

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  • Da
      14th of Jun, 2011

    The fault that you've experienced is undoubtedly an intermittent fault and trust me as a technician (I hope the title still means something to you) it's the biggest problem out there. Not easy to pickup and definitely not easy to fix. Even though by the sounds of things these technicians have a few customer service issues, I wouldn't be too harsh on them as I know how frustrating it is to have a customer breathing down your back to do something, but after assessing and testing and retesting you don't find anything and they still don't understand the difficulty of the job assigned. Hopefully this is a one off and they don't have these issues with all customers/computers.

    Hopefully this changes your perspective a little.

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