Harvey Norman Broadmeadowskitchen appliances

I am amazed at the amount of bad experiences people have recieved at harvey normans where ever it may be.. All I did was google harvey normans complaints and jesus christ there alot of people pissed off with these clowns and I thought I was a minority... Anyway my bad experience is at broadmeadows where I went in to purchase a few kitchen appliances I was attended by a female "salesperson" I am bit strapped for cash so I thought I buy on interest free.. The total about $3500 gorillas... Surely she all lovey dovey until I signed on the dotted line and like jekyl & hyde she changed into somebody else as soon as I signed.. I didnt really care if she turned into a baboon because I purchased what I needed and wanted under no pressure from anybody because I was there to buy... I am sure there are people that have been happy with harvey normans but surely when you do a survey you dont concentrate on the positives to correct your mistakes but you concentrate on your negatives to make things right... Harvey could be a good person but his business does not give him that image.. I had one of the appliances fitted and it did not work called harvey norman spoke to the saleslady her responce "not my concern you have to ring manufacturer" but I did not purchase from manufacturer I purchased from harvey norman... I rang manufacturer they come down on weekday so I need to take day off work... Faulty component must change come next weekday... Take another day off work.. Fit component.. Still not working... Return next day take another day off work... Remove and dismantle appliance to find fault... Order part.. New appliance sitting out the back under cardboard.. Ring harvey norman speak to sales lady explain what is happening she say "nothing I can do" I say "I spent over 3gs in your deparment and all you can say like a parrot is there is nothing I can do...!!!" the appliance is sitting out the back waiting to be fixed now what do I do are they pushing me to do something I dont want to.. I feel like I need to break same bones to get things done but what is that gonna do other than fuel the fire... I will get my appliance fixed or exchanged no doubt about that... All I will like to do is inform others that do not shop at harvey norman broadmeadow kitchen appliance section because my god you will live to regret it... I hope harvey gets to read this.. Not that he gives a [censored]...

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