Harvey Normanbad service of the staff! a black sheep!

We going shift to new house soon thus thinking of buying some appliances. We walked into Harvey Norman of ikano power centre after dinner. There is one staff quite friendly and explained to my husband when we are looking for TV. Whereas I'm moving around to make comparison. And I saw one model which I quite like it, thus prepare to snap a photo on the specification of the model. There is one indian staff with specs standing next to the model, stopped me with black face and said cannot take photo. He wasn't there initially, when I walking to this area and stand in front the model tv, he walked to the same place and lean against the cabinet too. With the spoilt of mood, I asked the friendly staff aforementioned whether can we take the photo, he said can. However, there is no mood for me to shop, a bad egg spoilt the whole community. No helping in sale, no sense of welcoming, rude attitudes, he will only drive off the customers. I think I will never shop in Harvey Norman. Please take serious of the staff attitudes!

Feb 22, 2016

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