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Harbor Freight Tools / don't buy from them

1 bald hill roadWarwick, RI, United States Review updated:

I went to the warwick store to purchase a generator, $450.00, and an 8' X 4' trailer, $275.00. I was told they were both out of stock. The generator floor modle was offered to me and I accepted. When I asked for the next model trailer up, $299.00, I was told that was not in stock either. So...I asked for the floor model of the $299.00 trailer and was told "we are always asked for that one. Because it takes so long to assemble and its been there since the store opened up, it would not be sold" I asked for the store manager and was told again, "we are always..." I replyed, "you do not think the manager would sell the trailer with the generator for a total of over $750.00 in one shot?" "no, he would not" They then said they had the NEXT model up, $399.00, and I could have that one! I replyed, "ok, that one for $299.00!" BLA, BLA, bla...I left and went to the on-line site. But i think i will buy them somewhere else for more $. its not worth the aggravation!

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  • So
      16th of Aug, 2008
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    Harbor freight will rip you off. BUYER BEWARE. The tools are crap and never work. You use them once and then return them. DO NOT BUY FROM HARBOR FREIGHT>

  • Ab
      20th of Apr, 2009
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    The employees were misinformed. They could not sell you the assembled trailer because it is against the law. They are only licensed to sell unassembled trailer kits. they should have told you that instead of just saying no.

  • Bi
      20th of Apr, 2009
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    If you wanted it today, you should have bought it last week.

  • Jo
      2nd of Apr, 2010
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    I take it you are a "Bonehead", right? I suppose when you go to the car dealership and they are out of your part, you ask them to take it of a new $30, 000 car because you are spending $100.

  • To
      28th of Apr, 2011
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    I purchased a cement mixer from them. It took four hours to assemble. It mixed two sacks of cement before the motor quit working. They would not replace just the motor. Instead, they wanted to exchange for an entire unit in the box. Why wouldn't they exchange the motor out of the box? Was I to spend four more hours assembling another unit to find it was junk also. All of their tools are single use only. None of their tools or equipment are even medium quality; all are very low quality.

  • Me
      19th of Jun, 2011
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    Harbor Freight Tools Inc - Miss Leading Advertising
    Harbor Freight Tools Inc
    United States

    This past Monday (2/7) I looked up an item I wanted to purchase thru Harbor Freight. I saw a ratail flyer showing it would be on sale running from 2/10 to 2/14 (Pres. Day sale flyer), so I waited. I looked it up on Tuesday and Wednesday as well just to see the add was still there as I was really wanting to order the item. It was. I went to order that item on Thursday morning just to find the ad had been removed. When I called, I was told that sale ended a long time ago and wasn't valid. I feel like they had false advertising and that I was lied to. I would not trust anything that Harbor Freight says. Print out of get EVERYTHING in writing (make sure its correct too), or GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! We should only give our business to honest businesses which are few and far between these days!!

  • Du
      11th of Jul, 2011
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    Harbor Freight - Really mad
    Harbor Freight
    United States

    I was in a Habor freight tool store on 11-15-10. I was looking to buy a new air compressor and some other things to go with it I found one that I liked. But they kept on trying to sell me something I did not need they told me the one I wanted would not work and I told them that I new that it would because I used a smaller one than the one that I was going to buy but the man kept on arguing with me. By this time he has other cutermers looking at me and laughing he kept n raising his voice in till every one there could here what was going on then he told me that it was my money. And I have to admit by this time I was pretty ticked off and I told him he was right it is my money and that if he would of kept his mouth shut I would have spent at least 500.00 dollars there that is when he tried to be nice to me then I told him I was done and that I was going to go to Sears and spend the extra cash there I will never shop there ever again. What ever happen to the saying the custermer is always right. I have a lot of friends that shop there and I plan on telling every one of them to go to Sears we are all Veterans and we all will get a discount there. I bought every thing I needed at Sears and paid less for what I wanted and needed. I have to say the only way that I would ever shop there again is if the man publicly apologizes to me. Thank you very much.

  • Vi
      11th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    Harbor Freight sells reputable products in our area, Tulsa OK. I have bought many items (tools, motor) from them and it is a great way to save money.

  • Gc
      3rd of Jul, 2013
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    Oilless Air Compresso/harbor Freight - defective product/worked 1 time only
    Harbor Freight
    1803 Vance Jackson
    San Antonio
    United States
    Phone: 2107322653

    I bought a 3 gallon pneumatic oilless air compressor, model 95275, for my husband & was told it had a 1 year warranty. The warranty booklet states it is warrantied for 1 year for the pump & defects in materials & workmanship. He never used it until recently & it worked only once... when he tried to use it again 2 weeks later, it wouldn't build up pressure...there is a leak between the pump & where it was attached to the housing...defects in materials &/or workmanship. We took it back & the cashier said the warranty was only 90 days. I showed her the receipt & warranty booklet & she still argued. We got the manager involved & he kept saying the same thing. I told the manager he had just lost a customer & hopefully, some of the people in line who heard us as well. I tried to get customer service on the phone but that is impossible...everything you try sends you to the web which won't get you there either.
    I will tell everyone I know they are dishonest & to never go there.

  • Do
      4th of Jul, 2013
    0 Votes

    Sorry--the website and the owner's manual both say 90 day warranty on the 95275 compressor.

  • Ge
      25th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes

    I'm with all the above DO NOT BUY FROM HARBOR FREIGHT TOOLS THEY DO NOT TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT ANY THING. I have a Router Table, and a 16 ' FLOOR DRILL PRESS. BOUTH TOOLS ARE USE LESS. Because I can't get parts for them. The ROUTER TABLE I was told was DISCONTINUED so the parts where no longer available, BUT they still sell it in there stores as of this day. An as for the DRILL PRESS they said they had the part and that they would send it as soon as I payed for it. Money sent Told PART would be here in two weeks over a month still no part.

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