Hank's Fine FurnitureBad Products

My wife and I bought a couch with bed, Loveseat with recliners, kitchen Table with chairs, and an ottomon. We did not have the entire ensamble for more than 4 months when the couch bed would not open found out there was a board that broke. Also my wife inadvertently had 2 burn spots from the fireplace the furniture had burn proof chemicals applied at additional cost. We bought the furniture in joplin MO. When we explained what happened to the manager he informed us that the cusions would be replaced and the couch would be repaired we waited 4 weeks and no repair man had showed up we called once a month for 3 months and still no repairman or new cushions. We were informed upon visiting the store that the manager who sold us the furniture had been fired and the Joplin Mo store was being closed and relocated to the main store in Little Rock Arkansas.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Little Rock, AR For the next 6 months my wife tried to get the cushions and a repairman to come to our house and fix the furniture finally we recieved the new cushions for the couch but they were a darker color than the original cushions. The Love seat requires that a repairman would have to install cushions and the couch required a repairman. To no prevail we have not seen or can not get ahold of anyone at Hanks Fine Furniture just an answer machine. Our furniture has an extended warranty but Hanks furniture still has not sent a repairman to fix our furniture. We spent close to $3, 000 dollars for the furniture and would expect that this sum of money would at the very least receive a return call. this establishment is what is wrong with america today no one will stand by their product or word. My advice to anyone thinking of buying furniture is to buy from anyone but Hanks Fine Furniture.

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