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We purchased a double reclining leather couch from Hank's in Hot Springs. The purchase was conducted in a very businesslike manner. Everything went down hill from there. The couch was delivered by Hank's truck and assembled. The truck left and we tried both recliners. Only one worked. A call to Hank's "service dept. was answered, after the second call. A repair man came and lubricated the one mechanism. 15 months later the pull cable failed on the same side. We have been unable to get any service after letters and multiple calls. Service stinks at Hank's.

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  • Ca
      Mar 10, 2010

    Yes! Service is very poor at Hanks! I have a similar experience with a $2500.00 Bed. You can bet the next time I buy anything from Hanks you will be able to make snowballs in hell!

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  • Re
      Apr 12, 2010

    People please check your warranties. I have since found out that most parts are only under warranty for 1 year. I am sure they would order one for you but you will probably have to pay for the part. More than likely the labor too. If you don't know what you are dealing with you have no right to judge people for doing their job and giving you the infoprmation on the product that you bought. Ask questions!!!

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      Apr 13, 2010

    Another attempt to save face by company Rep. Just google "Hank's Fine Furniture reviews" if you dont believe this. See how many reports are out there. This was reported in time and the guy come out and put a Band Aid over the problem by oiling it. Sounds like the cable was kinked in the first place and held until out of warranty. Sound familiar?

    Trust me people dont waste your hard earned money at Hank's! If something goes wrong they have poor service if any at all!

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