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Hampton Inn / Terrible experience

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I was a employee for Hampton Inn from Apirl 2003 till March 2009.On March 8th, I informed the General Manager about what had taken place over the weekend. I was pushed up against a storage door by a male coworker, a sheet put over my head drugged into the indoor pool area and my male coworker tried to throw me in the pool.Two other employees stopped him, and one was hurt during the process. I called my supervisor after this had took place, and told her that I didn't not like how he put his hands on me, and how he used his body to push me up against the door. She said we would talk with his supervisor the following morning.

The next morning I told my story to his supervisor and he said he would have a talk with him. I also informed the H.R. department that what happened and I wanted to talk with the GM when he arrived. She told me that my coworker should be let go. I talked with the GM as well did the other person that got hurt during this. He told his supervisor to let that person go and at no point did he ever say we did anything wrong.

Fast forward to March 12th I was asked my supervisor to fill out a statement in my own words what happened, the other 2 people filled one out as well.I am not sure if the coworker of mine did or not.The person that got hurt during this was left with a bruise on her arm was called in the office, and was wrote up for inappropriate conduct. It's just hear say but supposedly it was told to her that if someone was having a heart attack do not touch them.T he coworker who caused all this was called in the office and I am not sure what was said to him but he was let go.

I went into the office next sat down and told I was being discharged for inappropriate conduct, I asked for what standing there he just shrugged his shoulders.He stated the statements had a few discrepancies on them. And that I had been wrote up a few times by the old AGM, I told him I have never been wrote up. He state that I could draw unemployment.I took the paper and left.

I have been a good employee for the last six years, 4 which was working as a housekeeper, laundry, and lobby, and 2 as a Asst.head housekeeper. I am not sure but I think I have missed a total of 20 days maybe of work in my 6 years. Working thru 2 pregnancies, all the way till the 8th or 9th month. Working 7 days a week thru renovation last year so their hotel would be ready in time to rent rooms.And doing as much work as my fellow employees, while being pregnant. I have came to work sick, with out having any sleep the night before from sick kids.I have received numerous raises and promotions over the past years. Never complained about anyone to the GM, and not a problem employee. From what I was told the other 2 people involved wrote what I did in their statements.

I want these people who ever may have been involved with my firing to know what they did was wrong and you can't continue to treat your employees in this manner. Eventually word will get out and you all will suffer fo it.

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  • Pl
      24th of Mar, 2009
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    Next time call 911 or have a friend call for you during the assault! Now, seek the name of upper management of the Hampton chain and send them an e-mail with your case! Make sure you have the names of the lower management people who fired you in the e-mail! Good luck.

  • Sb
      5th of Aug, 2009
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    Hampton Inns & Suites Red Rock/summerlin - False Advertisement/ unfriendly hostess
    4280 E Grand Canyon Drive
    United States

    As a business person I have stayed at this hotel many times as they have always had a computer and printer for travelers usage. The last 2 times I've been there they have had 2 broken computers and printers. I purposely did not print my things out at home so I didn't have to carry them only to get there and no usage. Not to mention the most unfriendly Hostess named Kathy. They should not have this advertized if they are not going to fix them and I'd be more than happy every 6 wks when I travel to the area to find a different hotel to stay at.

  • Ge
      6th of Nov, 2009
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    Hampton Inn Boone N.c. - Room released
    Hamplton Inn Boone, N.C.
    North Carolina
    United States

    I arrived at this hotel on October 23, 2009. I was told upon my arrival at 7:10 p.m. that my room was given away because it was after 6:00 p.m. and they tried to use the credit card on file to bill my room and it was declined. They stated they attempted to call me numerous times but got no answer. This is a lie because I never had any calls from the hotel or voice messages. They continued to tell me that there was nothing they could do and I would have to go to another hotel. I stated to the manager that I had more than enough money on my card, in my bank account, and in my pocket to pay for this room and another ten or so rooms. She further stated that there is nothing for her to do.

    I was irrate and insulted at the fact that I drove a number of hours and had no room. Manager never did anything to remedy the compensation, no discount at another sister hotel, nothing. It was extremely bad weather and I was thrown out on the streets with my mother with no where to go. Extremely bad customer service.

  • Cu
      6th of Nov, 2009
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    Your credit card was declined. Its not their problem your card was declined.

  • Cu
      7th of Nov, 2009
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    There has a lot of people to guarantee their room, but the either using the fake credit card or credit card with different expiry date. You have to understand they guarantee your room and they need to make sure they can get the money from your credit card. This is your problem.

  • Fr
      15th of May, 2010
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    I agree with previous comments. I work at a hotel and I've had the same situation many times-credit cards can be declined or come up as Referral due to wrong numbers, expiration date etc. Also, cell phones are not always reliable-I myself get complaints from my friends who calim they've been calling me all day and I have no record of that. Could've been you were in no-coverage zone.
    Of course, can't exclude the possibility that hotel lied about calling you but your credit card is your problem. Whenever I travel and know I'm running late I prefer calling the hotel to ensure everything's alright.

  • My
      26th of Feb, 2011
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    Hampton Inn, Lake Worth, Fl - price gouging and reservation froud
    Hampton Inn, Lake Worth, FL
    Lake Worth
    United States

    I made reservation for 7 days in Hampton Inn, my valet credit card was used to made that reservation, a week before my arrival Hampton Inn staff was trying to charge my card for full 7 days staying.
    I know that because I confirmed that with my bank, when my credit card was decline I received phone call from male staff receptionist that my reservation will be cancelled if I don't provide credit card which would respond to the charges. After my arrival I found out that there were trying to raise my reservation price for the room, because they have higher than usual occupancy rate. I call that unfair opportunistic price gouging.
    Thru out my stay they were trying to charge my card every day in advance. And I know for sure u suppose to pay for your room at the end of your staying not prior or in the middle.
    Because I play golf tournament my girlfriend spend most of her time in the hotel, one day when they was trying my card unsuccessfully they lack out my girlfriend out of the room for 7 hours stating that the room is not paid for the day.
    They didn't care that all our belongings were still in the room and my girlfriend asthma inhaler. The night before I had agreement that I'll be pay cash every day. When I ask them later why they did that, very unpleasant receptionist told me that I should be grateful that my girlfriend was allowed to stay in the lobby not throw out on the street, I found that argument insulting and unprofessional. It seems to me that Hampton Inn Hotel is run by crooks and ###s.
    Watch out for Hampton Inn hustlers !!!

  • Su
      14th of Jun, 2011
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    Hampton Inn - Manger not fair
    Hampton Inn
    Junction City
    United States

    I work at the Hampton Inn. I am on vacation and recieved an e-mail from my manager demanding me to sign it and return it. She had decided that if I talk to other employees or listen to them I will be terminated for gossip. Im the Executive Housekeeper there and have to listen to them. She also decided that an employee could still have her job even thought she was a no call no show two days in a row. She didnt get wrote up or anything. Instead she was giving the the right to run the housekeeping department on the weekend and then was also allowed to write up another emplyoee for calling in sick on the weekend. I feel that this is wrong in more then one way and both the manager and the girl should be in trouble. the girls is now claiming to be bi polor so that nobody will pick on her. I can not go back to work there knowing what has happened. Help Please

  • Ro
      5th of Aug, 2011
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    Hampton Inn & Suites Highland, Ca - Bad Customer Service
    United States

    The FD agent from the evening was unwilling to help us with a refund and lied to us about room rate prices to shut me up. We needed to leave early one day but Management were unwilling to help. We will NEVER stay at this Hampton Inn again and make sure to tell all our friends about this experience. I believe that a guest should be entitled to a refund if they leave one day early, especially after staying 5 nights. FD agent told me the reason he couldnt refund us is because each night at this hotel is 175 dollars, which I don't think it is accurate. I checked the rate online and it was showing for 93 per night for this week directly from your website. Apparentyly 83 dollars is more important to this hotel than a return customer. The Bathroom had no ventilation and mildew in bath tub. Bath curtain smells funny. Definately NOT a 175 dollar room! Breakfast attendant turns off the lights right at 10 am so people would not come and get food from the breakfast area. This was very unprofessional and unwelcoming. I belive they should start cleaning up and taking away the food instead of turning off the lights. Scramble eggs looked very unappetizing. The trays of warm food was over filled and cold, trash were always overflowing.

  • Eb
      9th of Aug, 2011
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    Hampton Inn Hotel - Called the Police on Us
    Hampton Inn Hotel
    United States

    Don’t be fooled when the Hampton Inn advertises something like “We welcome wedding parties” or something similar. I booked my brother’s wedding guests at the Hampton Inn, Islandia, NY, Long Island. Our guests took up most of the 3rd floor. Coming back from a wedding, you can expect people to be noisy – and we totally were. They told us to stay in our rooms. Then they told us we were too loud and we had to move to the lobby. Then they told us we had to go outside in the parking lot because we were still too loud. Finally, they called the police.

    The police told the Hampton Inn management that they were basically idiots and to stop wasting the police force’s time. In my opinion, don’t “welcome” 50+ wedding guests to your hotel if you’re a hotel that has a “no party policy”. The management single-handedly ruined my brother’s after party. The assistant manager that was working that night seemed to just be a cruel woman who hates her own life. We didn’t break anything, ruin any property or be disrespectful towards other guests or employees. We were just 50 people enjoying ourselves after a wedding at the Hampton Inn.

  • De
      19th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes
    Hampton Inns & Suites - not a happy customer
    United States

    my daughter, grandson and i stayed two nights in your hotel. we should of left after th first night, but we were site seeing and came back to be locked out of our room. that should of been my red flag, but. they said they must of miss heared me when i registered for two nights, even though the parking pass was marked for the two nights. the bathroom was filthy their was blood on the inside of the door. I dont think the mop board was ever cleaned. the sofa had a large red stain like ink or crayon on it. their was no wi fi in the room. less that half expencive inn all have that now. I will never stay with them again. and i will tell everyone its sure not worth the money.

  • Di
      20th of Oct, 2011
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    Hampton Inn & Suites - reservation and elevated bill
    Hampton Inn & Suites, Old Morris Road
    United States
    Phone: 678-393-0990

    I made reservations for my 88 year old sister-in-law at the Hampton Inn on Old Morris Road, Alpahretta. I checked the price online and then 2 hours called to make the reservation ($54 plus tax) and reserved with a credit card. When we arrived after 9 p.m. that night, the clerk said that the room would be $118.80 plus tax. He claimed that the price had gone up that evening and there were no other rooms available. When I could not get a response from the general manager of the motel after 2 weeks, I contacted Hampton Inn headquarters who contacted the Hampton Inn on Old Morris Road. Headquarters will not do anything about it. Says it is up to the hotel general manager, who also will not do anything about it. Now when my sister-in-laws credit card bill came there is an additional $10 charge which the hotel says was for a paid movie. My sister-in-law did not watch any movie, let alone the TV because she couldn't get it to work. She was tired out after a 400 mile trip and we picked her up the next morning after breakfast. This Hampton Inn is fleecing her and refuses to give any sort of refund. I do not recommend this place to anyone. Watch out!

  • Su
      21st of Oct, 2011
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    Hampton Inn & Suites Boerne Tx - Dirty Room
    United States

    We made a reservation several days in advance. We checked in and were told by the RUDE man on duty at the desk that they had only ONE room available. The room turned out to be a
    room for disabled clients in wheel chairs. The room smelled of Clorox and the air conditioner was turned OFF. The room was VERY HOT because the West sun had shone on the windows
    in that room all day without benefit of A/C inside. We turned on the A/C and left to have an early dinner at a nearby restaurant. When we returned, the Clorox smell was improved and
    the room was cooler. The remote control for the television was not working. My husband and I went to bed around 11:00 pm. At midnight, I was awakened by a bad smell emitting
    from the bedding. The sheets seemed to be clean but the mattress pad wasn't (a body odor smell). We complained to the "Front Office Manager" and cancelled our second nights
    reservation. The "Front Desk Manager" gave us some lame excuses and decided that the best she could do was only charge us half the reserved room rate. (SHE SHOULD HAVE
    NOT CHARGED US AT ALL FOR THE ROOM.) We settled up and left.
    We have stayed in many Hampton Inn & Suites and have never had a complaint. Boerne is a nice town to visit but they need more and cleaner hotels for tourists and business travelers.
    As we drove away, a thought crossed my mind. What if my husband and I had been disabled? Why wouldn't they have a nice, clean room ready for our arrival? It is difficult for
    people who are not disabled to travel, can you imagine how difficult it might be for disabled people to travel? What if a disabled person had arrived and needed a room and there
    was none available because they were occupied by people who were not disabled?
    People who are not disabled are not allowed to park in handicapped parking spaces, why would they allow hotels to put people who are not disabled in a room for handicapped people?
    And...ABOVE ALL...why would a room for a disabled person not be spotlessly clean and ready for their arrival? Shame on the Boerne Hampton & Suites

  • Ry
      2nd of Jan, 2013
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    The Hampton Inn Hotel - $8000 loss
    The Hampton Inn Hotel
    United States

    I received the letter promising two free air fare tickets from My Vacation Connection. We attended a sales event at The Hampton Inn Hotel. Since we have not travelled much, we were attracted to the reduced price for their travel services. We could not afford the $8000.

  • Dd
      15th of Aug, 2016
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    Hampton Inn - Shocking experience!
    Hampton Hotel
    United States

    I am totally disabled and require a service dog. I always carry a letter with me from my Doctor that certifies my dog is a service animal. I approached the front desk on the early evening and stated that I had a reservation. When the girl saw the dog she called the Manager to the desk. He advised me he was the Manager and that the hotel had a strict policy of no pets. I explained that my dog was not a pet - a service animal - and offered to show him medical documentation. He responded that he didn't need to look at any documentation because he had already determined that my dog was a pet. I was at a total loss and explained he was in violation of Federal ADA Law but got no response. I asked him if I could use the phone to call as I am a member of and he told me to step outside and find a phone. I was shocked. I asked him for his card and he wrote his name on the back of another person's Hampton Inn business card. I have enclosed a copy of both sides of the card. I then moved to the lobby and called the Hilton Honors VIP members desk using my cell phone. I was notable to make up on the phone and they told me to leave the place, but I refused. He then called the police. I explained what happened to the officer. He said he has a service dog so he understood my situation however advised me that this was a civil matter and I would have to seek civil remedies. He also stated that if I remained in the lobby he would have to arrest me. By now a small group of bystanders had gathered as well as a second police officer. My son was really getting upset so I left. If my son wasn't with me I would have stood my ground.

  • Bu
      7th of Aug, 2017
    0 Votes

    Stayed at THE "COMMACK" Long Island "Hampton Inn' on SAT. AUGUST 6th, 207.---The toilet bowl is made for "MIDGETS"!! [I being 5' 11"-260lbs--my wife 5' 6"-137 lbs]--She made the comment first!!--The shower had NO extended "hose type" spray [helps with the "personal hygene"] and one could NOT control "flow of water" [always @ the MAX]!!--VERY "UNPLEASANT" BATH ROOM EXPERIENCE!! [worse than a "CHEAP MOTEL"!!!]---STAFF was very nice & everything was "CLEAN"! [GOOD PART of the"STAY"!---------------------------------------------------------------AL "BUZZO" Bruno--106 MAIN--GENESEO N.Y.-14454---PHONE#--585-243-2480!!!

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