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Hair Club / Fraud and cheating

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I absolutely would NOT recommend The Hair Club for Men and Women to anyone! I was charged $1000.00 and received no services or products. I signed a contract (after a great deal of high pressure tactics, I might add) to receive the product they call "my hair" on all their commercials - in an attempt to make people think it's not really just a wig glued to your head. The very next morning I called and told them that the glue they had used in the patch test had left a terrible rash on my head and I therefore, could not agree to have a whole wig glued to my head with this stuff. They offered to do one of the other procedures - which they had already told me would NOT be effective for me based on the hair analysis they had administered themselves. I told them I also wasn't willing to pay thousands of dollars for a procedure they had already told me wouldn't work for me. The whole experience with The Hair club was a long, ugly process involving several unpleasant phone calls and my written dispute of charges, etc. But in the end, I still had a $1000.00 bill for which I received NOTHING!!! Oh, and by the way, they won't tell you this, and they will conveniently leave it out when reviewing the contract - which they won't give you time to read yourself before pressuring you to sign, but the hair piece which cost $2000.00 only last 6 months then you have to start all over. Not to mention that you have to go into them about every month to get the thing removed and re-glued since it's glued to your hair line. I've done a little research since then and found that many others report having dealt with The Hair Club only to learn that they sell an inferior product at an outrageously high price and don't stand behind their product. When you start having problems with it (in my case before I actually even received the product), that's just too bad. They have your signature. You're stuck!

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  • Te
      28th of Oct, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I totally agree! I got ripped off almost $3000 on their EXT treatment that did hardly anything for me, and the results weren't even close to being worth such a price! It's not anything like they advertise the program to be. And they do stand there and stare at you to hurry you through the contract signing process. They don't want you to grasp everything that you're signing off on because it would almost surely scare you off. And if it doesn't, it should. Many of the services that company provides are a total rip! Buyer strongly beware!! They pressure you like the stereotypical used-car salesman to make a sale.

  • Ma
      29th of Oct, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I have been a hair club member for 18 years. I can't speak to your experience, but I have been very happy with the service and the price. FYI - if you go on a program you can get 4 hairpieces a year for about $250 a month. No it is not cheap and yes I wish I had my own hair - but it is the best solution I have found. Good luck to you.

  • Ot
      11th of Nov, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I clicked Agree for "Terry" and "Nickolson's writings

    They write the absolute total truth about Hair Club for Men which is really a stupid, ridiulous company that sells horrible, ugly wigs that will fool no one. If the phony wig is not outragoeous, how about when they try to shave your scalp and glue the thing onto your flesh!!! And then they expect you to return for adjusting the wig for more money after they told you it wasn't a wig!!!
    People are better off finding a dead squirrel, wearing it on their heads, and flush almost $3, 000 down the drain. The only difference is, at least the dead squirrel looks more convincing and isn't glued to your flesh. Hair Club for Men is a total HOAX.

  • Bi
      11th of Nov, 2008
    -2 Votes

    Hair Club for Men is an out and out LIE. Don't do anything or sign anything with them. Unless you don't mind being conned into something that's the equivalent to a Halloween Costume store.
    They'll do the Star Wars Jedi mind trick on you by telling you a wig is not really a wig, it's a fancy name BioMatrix. BioMatrix is their version of the high-tech, state of the art hair restoration...IT'S AN UGLY WIG THAT WON'T FOOL ANYBODY!!!
    Consumer Reports magazine needs to know HCM is not serious, it's a joke that's ripping people off.

  • Ch
      3rd of Dec, 2008
    -2 Votes

    I have been a very happy customer of Hair Club for over three and a half years. In my initial consultation, I was informed of the upfront cost, the monthly upkeep costs, and had all of my choices laid out before me so that I could make an informed decision. I signed the contract, and had the matrix ordered for me.

    The matrix is all natural hair woven in to a mesh weave that is then glued (via surgical adhesive) on to my head. It looks completely natural, and I have been extremely pleased with them. I get a new matrix put on every 10 weeks, and they have changed the color, style, and thickness whenever I asked without complaint or problem.

    As for the subject of the tips and stylists, I have never been treated any less than wonderfully by the entire staff. I tip my stylist about $10 per visit because she does such a good job taking care of me and she is always thankful to me for the tip. I have not once gotten a message, or even impression, that I need to tip more. I have not once been lied to, taken advantage of, or mislead by anyone at Hair Club.

    Every person will have their own experience, and I feel that most of the people complaining about Hair Club didn't take the time to do the proper research themselves before signing up. While every company should represent their products and services accurately, it is ultimately up the customer to do the research and know what they are getting themselves in to. Hair Club is an honest company run by people who truly care about how you feel and how you look. Those who feel they were lied to likely just weren't reading the material that Hair Club sends to all potential clients.

    I have recommended Hair Club to many people, and will continue to do so. I have never been any less than 100% satisfied. Any mistakes or problems that arise (which will happen with every company, regardless of industry) are handled quickly, compassionately, and professionally.

  • Ma
      1st of May, 2009
    -3 Votes

    Christopher...??? You obviously work for them. I know it from your words. Your managers check this site regularly and post nice things about the company. But I used to work there and I can tell you is one of the most dishonest group of individuals anyone will ever meet. They need to meet a monthly budget and they will hold on to refunds and deposits. Then they will claim you never called to get it back and so on and on. They also have a big over turn on staff because of their dishonest practices, not everyone can sell a lie.

  • Sa
      2nd of May, 2009
    Best Best Advice +5 Votes

    chistopher hahahahahah sorry but i did not here any respond to maribel, go make a meeting with your managers to see what u guys can post next, it will be easy for u guys, i recommend u guys start spending a lot of money in comercials right, , good luck

  • Ca
      31st of Dec, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I totally agree. Hair Club is a money making racket. The exact same thing happened to me. By the way, I got the Biomatrix and they styled my hair. When I went home the right side was 2 inches longer. They cannot even get that right. They are sales people there. No doctors. Just impressive sales people who know how to manipulate gullible people who are already stressed with their hair loss. This is also a type of harassment. We must get together and do a class action lawsuit against them. they finally gave me a 50% refund after several complaints. There is a clause they made me sign that I cannot make any other claims or take action against them. However, I feel very strongly against the fact that they abused my emotional state and that itself is harassment. I told the sales person several times that the Biomatrix system was not for me. Foolish me she got me convinced that she was right. However, when I told her that she was wrong after trying the system she decided she did not want to talk to me anymore. She passed me on to the head stylist who passed me on to the manager. I hope people will read these complaints before going there.

  • Vi
      10th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    Casmelia --- I agree with you. We must get together and file a class action lawsuit against this dishonst merchant.

  • Ma
      24th of Jun, 2010
    +3 Votes

    I spent $3600 for one of their pathetic wigs, they told me i had a 3 day window
    to get a refund, and the next day i did everything i could to get that refund.
    I got the biggest runaround of all time, they told me there were people i had
    to speak to, and i called the numbers they gave me and was told that the
    people were out of town, or at lunch, or some other BS. Then all of the sudden these
    people were available after the 3 days expired.Fortunately i make enough
    money that $3600 didn't really hurt me, but these crooks are able to do whatever
    they want, and that's sick.

  • Di
      24th of Oct, 2010
    +3 Votes

    Yes I agree about getting together and filing a class act law suit. I am thinking about doing it anyways, but if we all get together and do it maybe it will be easier. I am suffering from hair loss due to that liquid they call adhesive. I have had to start buying wigs because u can look right at my scalp in areas without moving my hair I have left. This is so embarrassing. I have a lot more to tell but don't have time to post right now. Come on lets get this group of unhappy people together and get our money back!!! Signed Angry and Frustrated

  • Di
      24th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    Has anyone spoke with an attorney regarding this matter, if so what was their response any chance of a good case

  • Re
      19th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    I agree with the class action prospect. As soon as I can, I will get some legal advice. I have had many of the same issues complained about. Wish I done more or had access to the above info before I went to this company.

  • La
      25th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    @ Redjunior, please count me in. You have 3 now, I am sure we can get more!

  • Do
      1st of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    I just wanted to thank all of you for posting your complaints about the hair club. I am only a 28 year old guy, and I'm losing my hair fast.. and have been considering doing something about it for a long time now, because it's really been taking a toll on my self esteem.. I'm still young.. I'm not ready to age or look older than I am..
    And when I saw the infomercial for hair club tonight.. I felt hopeful.. I was really considering giving it a try.. because it sounded so legitimate..
    I had a look at their website.. there was nothing on there about cost.. so I searched google for anything I could find about the hair club on external websites.. and I'm glad I did. I found all these complaints and bad reviews about the company.. almost all of which said very similar things.. all these people had very similar experiences with the hair club.. I have begun to question the legitimacy of the company, AND all the so-called "satisfied customers" in the commercial. I bet they're all paid actors.. and I bet any positive reviews out there are written by hair club staff. You should all get together and take them down.. because this can't keep happening.
    I now know I'm most likely better off with propecia or hair transplant surgery from a surgeon NOT affiliated with the hair club.

  • Ha
      5th of Apr, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Gentlemen, I will re-post oncea again when I have more time to truely tell my nightmare of a story in dealing with Hair Club (HC). I am seriously interested pursuing a law suit as well. When the people at HC referred me to their consultant it was a never ending tail of confidence boosting, now is the time to act, you can't notice it at all, little to no maintenance and on and on. This was the greatest set of lies I have ever been told. I shall return with the grim details on what transpired but I just had to get something out here saying that Hair Club may be beneficial for some children or in certain circumstances but not for me and what I had hoped to achieve and in term was promised.

  • Do
      21st of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    Please give me any info if we agree on the class action suit, im all in! I got ripped of $3, 500 was preassured into signing & I was bamboozeled by their sales con artist. They dont tell what it really is until its too late & they take advantage of your search for hope of hair loss. Called the sales rep after I found out what this really was & he told me the complaints were fake & I still had to do the procedure if I wanted 50% refund.

  • Wh
      11th of Aug, 2011
    -1 Votes

    OMG, I couldn't agree more! They are a total rip off. They convince you that "your beauty" is so important, but do NOT elaborate on the pricing "AFTER THE YEAR IS UP". The Manager told me that after 1 year, the price would go down from $149.00 / month to around $120.00. NOW the other Manager told me, "NO HONEY, THATS WRONG, YOU NEED TO PAY $295.00/month. I was so angry I wanted to jump through the phone b/c they NEVER told me this during the consultation. They will convince you that "they did". Oh Hell NO THEY DIDNT. Sad thing, they dont care if anyone is a single parent, struggling their ### off to make ends meet, ... as long as they get their freakin money!!! I AM PISSED. Any suggestions on what I need to do now since they "shave the top of my head" and I canNOT afford another fkn piece of hair?

  • Ri
      3rd of Dec, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Okay, I don't know if Hair club managers really write in these posts (I wouldn't be surprised if they did), from my experience with them (3 years) allot of what is said here is true and allot isn't, so here I go, and I hope this is going to be helpful to some people. By all means they are a business and they conduct themselves in that way to the good and the bad: naturally they are there to make a profit (bottom line), and no they are not there because they care and no they are not medical doctors in any way, it's all cosmetics, as for their products (hair regrowth therapy), I never took them as I chose the bio matrix system (referred to as the wig by some), however you know you can by Rogaine and take perpiscia for a fraction of the price (it's not their invention). As for hair transplants once again I don't know how good they are, but you should look into the limitations of that procedure prior to trying it and I personally would have gone to Bossley medical center for that if I would have chosen that route, unfortunately that is not an option for me. HOWEVER the bio matrix is not a wig and it's not your traditional hair piece, its top of the line hair that is blended with yours and fused via medical glue to your scalp. The good side to this is that your skin can breathe, sweat, and get cleaned in the shower as the material joining the hair follicles is top of the line. I must agree though that what bothered me the most when I started HCM is that they wait to tell you about the membership fees till after you already paid the $3000. After that it goes by membership levels. Bronze- around $260 a month gives you 4 hair pieces a year and a hair cut every 6 weeks (by the way you must get the haircuts on time as the mesh up as they call it will no longer be successful). Gold is $100 dollars more which includes 6 hair pieces a year and weekly blow dry and adjustment of your frontal hair line which most need to adjust every 5-7 days. You also need to use their products (shampoo, 2 types of conditioners, 2 sprays, and this oil thing, however they last for a while and are reasonably priced, costs the same as other products you might buy, and it's convenient that it's all there for you). So... bottom line that system is not perfect, it is not your own hair! and you do have to keep going there for maintance, but if the hair thing really bother you, it is a great solution, and guys I'm sorry it looks great and is undetectable (however you might be referring to some of those older guys that refuse to take advice of stylists and chose hair styles that just don’t work (works great with your average short hair style). However it is not cheap, and once again I agree with all of you that they do need to lay all the cards on the table before signing you in on the contract, I remember being mad in the beginning as well for that, however I hope this helps all of you guys who might be thinking of joining HCM (hair club for men), as I wish they did tell me all this in the beginning.

  • Ma
      3rd of Dec, 2011
    +1 Votes

    What a load, this is from a HC rep pretending to be an average joe.
    Why would the rest of us lie and say we got a crappy wig if we
    didn't, wouldn't we want to share our find with others?
    The people who think these wigs aren't detectable by
    others are delusional, it's like that Seinfeld episode
    where George gets one, and he finds out the hard way.

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