H & R Blocktax prep service, unprofessional attitude

We have used H & R Block for many years for relatively simple tax forms, even though the prices are very high. In 2014, I withdrew 50, 000 from an annuity to give to my daughter to buy a house, which raised our income for that year. We paid a lot in taxes that year; this was a one time thing, never expect to do that again.

The following year 2015, we were back to the simple tax form with the taxable income back to the lower figure..for that year it was 21, 765. We got questioned by the IRS, asked for assistance from H & R, but got none. I did the followup, calls, etc. to IRS myself before it got resolved, even though H & R says it will stand by and help if needed.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Elmira, NY It took many many calls, etc before the issue was resolved. In 2015, the tax preparer was very unprofessional, acted as though it was all a big party and unimportant to do our taxes...ha ha ho ho kind of attitude. The next major complaint has to do with fees...243.50 in 20125, to do a relatively simple senior citizen (we are age 82 now) form ... fees just keep getting higher and higher every year. We can't afford this anymore and are going to the IRS volunteer preparers in our area. Major offenses as far as we are concerned: preparer who does not act professional, and the high fees. Fee consideration for our age and income would be appreciated rather than per page, also preparers with a caring attitude. Thank you for "listening"

Feb 02, 2017

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