Guyana Marriott Hotel / the general manager and directors

First- On the day of Interview HR Department mention that persons don't need qualification to move from department to department. once seem fit for the job, you should apply. That not the case now. Director(Victor Tenorio) saying to staff not to apply cause there not qualify.
Second- They(Victor Tenorio) is putting in place to take all Low Class Associates Telephones away. Claims only from Supervisor Upwards is Recognize as Marriott Associates(so what are we?) and can have and be on there Telephone, means in a case of a Family emergency No Low class associates cannot be informed if that family member doesn't have Marriott Telephone number since our Telephones are being taken away. while he is always on his telephone even if he have an issue and approached him, you would have to hold on until he is finish on his phone.
Third- He has his own set of persons who he would give satisfaction to. if you not on his list, you are out.
Forth- Rules are being put in place but always broken on his behalf. Victor Tenorio is an unfair man, very selfish and only wants to see things his way and all other director of the Guyana Marriott Hotel and General Manager have just come and adopted to his ways of doing nothing for the associates but only for themselves .

Nov 17, 2017

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