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Waltham, MA, Australia

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I tried posting a couple of ads which took me a few hours, yesterday on 12th January 2017. I didn't put my password in correctly and so my account got shut down. I asked for help from Australia, and no-one could help me on the chat. Then I got contacted at 12.30am Aus time by email. You guys didn't believe that it was me and that I was just trying to post the rest of my ads up. So I said to close my account, and I said I would use my married name account instead and just re-do the ads. I spent another 2 hours doing 3 ads today and then the other account got blocked!!

Firstly, Aussies need on the phone support, or at least need to be able to talk online in our business hours to get things resolved. We also need to be able to set up a new account and have a provision to put our password in TWICE, not ONCE, so that when setting up if we've accidentally put our password in wrong, and then log out, that we can get back into our account. It makes no sense that Gumtree would set accounts up without us being able to put TWO passwords in to verify the passwords, before the account gets set up.

Gumtree has appalling service. This simple task of posting 4 ads has lasted 24 hours, so I will not be using Gumtree again. I will now use Ebay, as obviously you guys aren't willing to look after people

Jan 11, 2017

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