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Sheffield, England, South Yorkshire, GB

I have today contacted Gumtree to tried to find out why my account has been restricted we had a conversation and I realised I had accidentally breached your rules

My account has been restricted but the reasons for this happening and my abilities to defend my posting could not happen because they would not tell me why it had been restricted

After looking through your terms and conditions and recognised that I did a couple of things that breached your terms and conditions accidentally.

I opened two accounts merely because I did not want other people to see what items I sold. I posted an ad that included a woman being massaged that yet this was discreet and appropriate in my eyes. As a massage therapist due to bad experiences I do not massage men. I posted a service wanting to learn Romanian, as I work with Romanian nurses but they don't have time to teach me.

Just to give you some background I am a nurse and I follow strict guidelines in my practice and I am shocked that you follow guidelines that are even more the strict than the NHS

I can assure you that none of my practices are inappropriate but I recognise that I should have studied in-depth your terms and conditions

I really wanted to start using Gumtree to sell a number of items and even to open a professional account please can you reconsider or at least communicate with me why you think my ads were inappropriate.

I am security checked and I have also been police checked in my work and private practices and in no way shape or form am I inappropriate or do I lead people into believing that anything to do either private or professional is inappropriate

I merely asked for the opportunity to defend myself and to learn from the lessons

Nov 28, 2017

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