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Having tried unsuccessfully to unsubscribe from unwanted sales and marketing emails from Gumtree which was not easy, on 11/10/17, I corresponded via Livechat with Lindsey at Gumtree who provided advice on how to stop such emails. However, that did not prevent them being sent to me and I subsequently complained again, via Livechat. I was reassured by your representative Darren that he would ensure the technical department were informed immediately and they would override the option so that no further marketing emails were sent. A copy of both conversation has been retained for future reference. I am still continuing to receive unwanted emails.

It appears that Gumtree does not follow legal requirements neither does it offer reliable customer service. Also the process for complaining about your own organisation (as opposed to others) is not made clear. I have now lost confidence in the ability of your organisation to properly deal with my complaint . I am therefore putting you on notice that I am writing a letter of complaint to the Information Commissioner a copy of which will be sent to your Marketing Director, Hannah Wilson, who should be aware of these failings.

Please acknowledge receipt of this email.

Lorna Symonds

Nov 24, 2017

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