Gulf Oil / contaminated/adulterated gas at md039 gulf, 4501 falls rd, baltimore, md

Baltimore MarylandBaltimore, United States
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I filled gas in my 2014 Nissan Rogue on 7/23/16 from MD039 GULF, 4501 falls Rd, Baltimore, MD, 21209 gas station and soon after that my car had started jerking/shaking on I-695. before this I never felt such jerking.

I called my service station and they told me to come to car service station and they found that this is because of the bad gas (probably adulterated/contaminated gas).

I have spent nearly 400$ in repairs and lost my valuable time. I have receipt of gas and receipt from the service station showing indication of contaminated gas. I also have the specimen of contaminated gas in a bottle.Please do the needful to ensure the quality of the gas. I have also filed a formal complaint to Maryland Department of agriculture, weight and measure.

Please also suggest me how I can reimburse my repair costs?

Jul 25, 2016

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