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So on 4/17 i dropped my guitar off at Guitar Center (Gainesville, Fl) to get the 5 position blade switch replaced, full intonation and the bridge calibrated.Today almost 3 weeks later (5/5) I go pick it up because no work has been done to it and in the 3 weeks not once did Guitar Center call me to let me know the status of my guitar. The guitar is a '94 PRS EG-II Seafoam Green, my prized possession. When I dropped it off I specifically told the tech that I needed it done before May 6th because of an important gig on 5/6. Words can not express my disapointment and to an extent anger because of the let down and also because when I went to pick my guitar up they couldn't find it. When they finally got it the gig bag was dirty as if it was laying on the floor somewhere. Needless to say that I will never entrust Guitar Center with any instrument I owe ever again.
Eugene Torres
1105 Fort Clarke Blvd. Apt. 408 Gainesville, FL

  • Updated by Eugene JimmyStrings Torres, Jul 21, 2017

    Update on the repair of my PRS EG-2. Took it to Vinciguerra Custom Shop in Palatka Fl. and in 1 day it was done, No wonder Mark Vinciguerra shop is so busy. With customer service like that who can complain.

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