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I would like to tell my fellow musicians my esperiance in guitar center.I put a bass in layaway for only 2 days the store manager Doug was very rude and when I asked him to put in back so it didnt get dented he yellad at me and said I told you I would and when I went back to pick up my bass from layaway .The store manager Doug was there and started I asked for someone eles to help me and he blew up so I did call him a ### but he was .And then I tried to say Im sorry he told me to get out of his face and to get out of his store and told me to never come in his store again and he made me leave and would not let me have my bass this store manager should not be manager he dosnt even plat an instument I hope some body from guitar center customer service would check tuis out I am telling all my friends to stay away from GC as long as store manager DOUG is there Thank You Bobobass

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  • Gc
      Jun 08, 2012

    Guitar Center does defenitely suck alot more these days. Back then, they were under a different management and they had good prices. Now it's just a bunch of rock star wannabies who never made it in a real band and the closest they can get to the "dream of being a rock star" is working for 8 bucks an hour and the little bit they may make off of commissions. That's the problem, when you are dealing with sales people, you are dealing with commissions. Most of the sales people suck, the managers suck, they are rude, and they all think they are God's creation for the music industry. Most of them are just as qualified to flip burgers. They think because they work their, they know it all. The asswhipe repair tech scratched my bass, I filed a complaint and they sent me a brand new chrome plate. I almost kicked his ### in the store but I felt bad for his middle to late aged drunk cracked out looking soul, so I spared his life and face by not kicking his ###. The prices suck, the service sucks, I'm going to craigslist. I only stop by to buy $5.00 dollar picks which is a rip off, and strings, which have to be new. I hope they go out of business forever. Truly they hire the worst, so if you suck, you are hired, LOL..

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