Guitar Centercare no longer about the musician only their bottom line!!!

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Guitar center was once a store that would adjust prices and haggle to a degree on the price of instruments, guitars in particular. Now the sticker price is the price charged. No more deals so no more reason to go there. Also they used to buy vintage instruments for resale. They paid a fair market price. Not any longer!!! They don't seem to even be familiar with many vintage instruments, their value etc. But they offer a pittance of the actual value. They are either really uneducated as to quality vintage instruments or they are trying to rip-off the seller and then charge top dollar from the buyer. I will not shop there any longer. They are not a good deal type place as they once were. It is a store that charges a premium for inferior instruments. Other guitar stores now blow guitar center prices service and inventory out of the water. Go shop anywhere but guitar center!!! They are only interested in making money not interested in the musician!!
They even push lower end instruments. It seems as if the higher # of sales is all they care about! Also they used to honor their 30 day return policy no problem now it is like pulling teeth to get them to honor their agreement!!! Decide for yourself but be forwarned!!! One last point> the workers on the floor know very little about what they sell!!!

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  • Mo
      May 20, 2011

    Oh, that's sad, because musician's rock...get it...musicians rock...ok, being serious now. I feel your pain. I could have just had my paychecks deposited to Guitar Center for about three years while my son was super into guitars, amps, speakers, more guitars and all sorts of expensive gadget for his band. They did deal, you're right, we always headed there first for my son's paycheck sucking habit. So I'm kind of sad to hear that, but have to agree about the tough economic times stuff. Musicians are awesome.

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  • Ia
      May 31, 2011

    My name is Jeremy and I work for Guitar Center. I'll gladly make myself available to discuss any comments, questions or suggestions anyone would care to make about Guitar Center. Feedback is our favorite sound and we know that listening to our customers is how we will continue to improve.

    I can be reached at [protected] or 818.735.8800 ext 2115.

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