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Guitar Center / awful company

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Guitar center just wants to sell you *** guitars, they don't care about quality. All they want is money. They pay low wage dumb monkey turds to try to sell you a guitar, that is messed up.

Then they'll never admit they're mistake and try to convince you that nothing is wrong.

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  • Gl
      31st of Mar, 2009

    Why does everyone think that poor quality has to do with the stores. You can buy a bad guitar anywhere. How many luthiers do you know. Are there enough of them to hire for every store.How many of these complaints are actually a stores fault. I can say that every guitar center employee is a musician. So if you like insulting music store employees then you like insulting musicians. Your also saying that your average musician can't tell if the instrument he has is a piece of junk.

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  • Gu
      25th of Aug, 2009

    I am sorry I have to agree that they only want the money. I know someone who works for the company and they are paid like waitresses! Some are scam artists who just steal and should work for the government or the IRS, since the company is owned by not a musician but Mitt Romney!!! Check it out on wickipedia under Guitar Center and Bain Financial! The real employees who have no clue that the company is a sham until boom! They receive their first commissions check and mind you they do want to help you find the best deal, they receive below minimum wage and the hours they work are deducted from their commissions. So you know how much these poor saps make. After taxes and their well lets just say they still live with Mom and Dad and still have no money to even buy the equipment from F...g Guitar Center after their commissions check, not even enough to by a power cord! Damn now you see why some of these guys either don't care, hoping to get fired, or just want to feel superior by taking your money! My thoughts are buy online and not from Guitar Center they may lure you into their store for more MONEY!

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  • Gc
      20th of Oct, 2010

    Let me tell you as a Guitar Center employee myself. ( working in the guitar Department. ) That the quality of G.C.'s guitars are the same as any other shop. Sans custom shop guitars.
    That said, Guitar Center employees get paid [censored]. Minimum wage, plus commission. Now one might think that sounds like allot. But wait.. If your commissions = more than what they pay you in minimum wage, then before you see any money you have to pay back that minimum wage. (It's called working on a fade. ) The minimum wage is there incase you don't sell enough, you will never make less than minimum wage. Now, essentially what that means is by working at guitar center most employees ( unless you are in a major metropolitan city ) cost the company barely nothing. Many employees ( excluding myself ) will sell people only the guitars, amps etc... that make them the most in profit. In our store the guy who is always on top of the "ranker" sells people what he wants and not what they need or ask for. Do yourself a favor, do your own research, ask friends, other guitar players, etc... if you have only been playing a short while bring someone who has been playing guitar longer than you, to help guide you. And the best advise I can give you other than " shop with the local Mom and Pop stores " is don't let the Guitar Center clerk talk you into something else.

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