Guessreturn process for online purchases

I made an online purchase and returned some items using the return label they 'conveniently' provide. My package got lost in the mail and Guess refused to do anything to recover it. They literally told me they are not responsible for lost packages even when they issued the label for said package. I have tried submitting claims with USPS and UPS, the 2 carriers that Guess is using, and was told that the shipper, in this case Guess, has to get in contact with them and file a claim. Try as I might, I could not get Guess to do anything to recover this package. Every time I talked to them, I got a different person and had to plead my case over and over again just so I can get the same scripted answer back which is their return policy. DO NOT SHOP ONLINE DIRECTLY FROM THEM! There are several other websites that sell their products at a much better price and with MUCH better customer service.

Feb 04, 2017

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