Guess / poor customer service - employee charged my card 2 times and then would not let me take my purchase with me.

Central Valley, NY, United States
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On 09/12/2017 at 6:30 pm I was attempting to make a purchase at the Woodbury Commons NY Store. I as rung up for 2 watches and a bracelet. During the transaction the salesman entered a coupon code told me my total was $156.76 and to enter my debit pin. I did as instructed at this time the computer froze. The salesman told me "this happens all the time" "I have to re-ring your purchase on the other computer" I stated that I was concerned the first transaction would charge my card and the employee stated that it in fact didn't go through and would not charge my card. I agreed to allow him to use the other computer and the same thing happened. The employee informed me that it wasn't me or my card that the system freezes like this "all the time." He then called over "Lisa" ( I assume the store manager but am not positive) Lisa called the "help desk." Lisa also told me to call my bank and see if the transaction went though. I called my bank (MHVFCU) and they verified that BOTH transactions went through my bank-(transaction #890595 and Transaction #5602). Lisa stated they would not be able to give me cash, that both transactions would be refunded by the next day (09/13/2017). Neither transaction has been refunded. I also do not have any of the merchandise I was attempting to purchase because they told me I would have to be rung up a third time. I had already paid over $300 for a $156.76 purchase with no items to go home with I certainly was not going to pay for said Items a third time. The extra charges that the employee put on my card and stated wouldn't charge my card has caused me additional bank fees on top of the fact that I am still minus the $303.52. I do not have a receipt from the store because Lisa said the system would not allow her to print one do to it being frozen. I was purchasing these watches as a gift and drove over an hour to go to the Guess store to make the purchase. I am very unhappy with this experience to say the least. Lisa and the associate acted as if it was no big deal however it is. It is even more so a big deal because of the steam roll effect on my bank account this is having. Please refund my money immediately! I also feel at this point due to the financial loss incurred I should be compensated with the watches or a gift card or something to make this right.

Sep 14, 2017

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