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Myself and 843 other people in Belfast bought a voucher for the local Aquarium which was to expire June 9, 2001. When I received my voucher in the mail, the expiry date had changed to April 9, 2011 without any notice. I asked Groupon about this and they said they had made a mistake and it was supposed to expire April 9, 2011.

You may think this was just a simple mistake, but these 'mistakes' are very profitable for Groupon, and here's why. Let's say someone bought the voucher and thought it expired June 9th, they don't check the expiry date on the voucher and don't use the voucher on time. Who gets the money from the voucher? Do they get a refund? Does the Aquarium get the money? Nope! Groupon keeps ALL the money from unredeemed vouchers! So these expiry date mistakes are VERY profitable for them.

Another Groupon trick is to oversell items. Last month Groupon Belfast sold 2000 vouchers for an overnight stay in the Millbrook Lodge. The problem? Millbrook lodge only has 16 rooms! What happens when people inevitably don't get booked in? If their vouchers are unredeemed Groupon keeps all that money. Overselling for services that people will never be able to get is also VERY profitable for Groupon. Beware!!!

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  • Yu
      Apr 14, 2011

    absolutely disgusted about the Millbrook Lodge offer - has left a very bad taste in my mouth

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  • Dm
      Jul 25, 2011

    I purchased a deal for a torpedo rattan furniture set over 8 weeks ago. The delivery was supposed to be 3 weeks. Groupon have not been in touch with me and I am desperately trying to get my money back but finding it almost impossible. This company needs to be shut down!

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  • Sk
      Sep 05, 2011

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  • He
      Nov 11, 2011

    Bought voucher for Blazema hair and beauty course. Course very badly organised, no structure, no goody bag, no certificate, no kits available, basically no opportunity to try out any of the looks promised in the email. Different emails sent to different people with wrong venue details, so many people did not turn up. My friend and I both complained to Groupon and Blazema, no response from either, not even an acknowledgement, but Groupon have since advertised a nail course with Blazema. Never again!!!

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  • Sa
      Apr 23, 2013

    Bought a voucher on 28 January for oakley sunglasses 23 of April now no glasses have emailed multiple times phoned multiple times been phoned company supplying sunglasses directly. But given one empty promise after another. groupon has now sent emails twice promising a refund first within 10 working days no sign of it complained again then emsol saying refund within 5 working days still nothing. I then I received an email again stating five working days for a refund then 6 minutes later an email saying no refund would be given as voucher redeemed by whom god alone knows as I have no money and no sunglasses 3 months later. Have asked to speak to manager multiple times there is never one available!!! Phoned visa as online purchases covered by them but no groupon has a great scam going as visa cannot get your money back like they normally could cause in theory they have supplied you with the voucher they cannot go after the company supplying product as payment wasnt made direct to them lovely legal loop hole they have found to scam money out of people AVIOD them at all costs

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