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Greystar / relentless bioterrorism executed in my living quarters

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Greystar executives, technicians, and staff have launched the most pernicious assault on my health and life in recent days. Professional assassinators and ruthless bioterrorists affiliated with Greystar management group entered my living quarters on April 27, 2012, while I was at work. They contaminated all the food, coffee, and liquids in my refrigerator. The food supply and liquids were savagely contaminated while officer’s patrolled the property. The refrigerator was well secured with several combination and master locks. Only experts criminals and professional assassins who were authorized to gain access to codes for high security locks, along with assassins who process expertise to pick any master lock, combination lock, etc. within a civilized society could have picked the locks, got the codes, and entered my refrigerator.

In addition to ongoing food contamination in my living quarters under Greystar’s management, hired assassins and bioterrorists affiliated with this property management group have atrociously converted my living quarters into a death zone, using the air condition as a biological weapon of choice to wage bioterrorism to astutely execute my demise. These assassins deliberately sabotaged the air condition unit to make it blow Staphylococcus bacteria inside my living quarters.

Greystar management group is one of the most dangerous multifamily property manager providing living quarters to residents. This property management group has hired their own police offices to monitor the property, as residents are terrorized with malicious bioterrorism in their living quarters. They have also positioned deviant bioterrorists and lethal assassins who disguise themselves as carpenters, technicians, housekeepers, and maintenance workers mainly to execute evils of bioterrorism against residents, specifically minorities. The evil forces of organized crimes against humanity, vicious assassins, along with universal bioterrorists threaten the fabric of society and survival of the human race under this group’s management.

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