Greendot / locked account

My name's Tiffany and I have a few things to say,
I started with a temporary card to pay a bill.
The first time was fine no problem.
Well next time I go to pay my bill I had went and put money on the card, get home and tried to pay my bill it declines it.
Well I end up checking my balance and the money I just put on the card an 1 to 2 hours prior (which was $25) was now a negative $15 and some change. I begin to look at the history and noticed there was 2 payments taken out and paid that I didn't not humanly do or agree to.
I called and went through hell and got the run around then finally got to where I could get that card reported lost or stolen I did and they said I would get a new card.. Ok cool.
Well I finally received my new card yesterday 11/28/17, I go to call and activate it and it says that my BRAND NEW NON ACTIVATED CARD IS WTF????.. So I try and try and still got NO WHERE I mean god I can't even speak to a damn human ( you know one that bleeds, breathes, and thinks) I tried multiple times to do the Id verification upload and it wouldnt even try or attempt to upload my ID. ( which is already strange to me and I'm not humanly comfortable with) so I spend over 8 hrs trying to get this [censor] "GreenDot"to work.. Nothing... I have called over 40 numbers more than 3-4 times each and I get NOTHING!!! surprise surprise..
So I think green dot is [censor] and if they can't hire REAL PEOPLE like umm let's see HUMANS then you all don't need to be a business or anything, I think this whole cooperation is FAKE AND [censor].

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    Oo and by the way [censor] YOU Harvey with your big [censor] white air brushed teeth and this is not a laughing nor smilling matter you should be on the cover for KFC

Nov 29, 2017

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